january, 2017

24jan5:00 pm- 7:00 pmEvent OverPR + AnalyticsFeaturing Dave Manzer, Chad Swiatecki, Johnny Holden, and Russ Somers, with musical guests and after party5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Antone's


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sellerantWelcome to MediaTech’s first event of 2017. To ring in the new year we’re having experts from the public relations and news media sphere lead a discussion about how creative enterprises work symbiotically. Buzz and a good brand image are requirements for success no matter what you’re creating. In a competitive market knowing the right people and what they are looking for is important. You’ll gain some of this knowledge here.

antones-bigTremendous thanks to Sellerant for their support and a few rounds of drinks to warm up the evening!

This event will also have opportunities to plug you into the MediaTech Mentor Network and connect with stellar people around Texas and to experience one of Austin’s most iconic bar scenes.

About MediaTech Ventures
Serving existing components of the media and tech industries collaborate and thrive. We succeed when creators succeed by working with government, developers, non-profits, studios, investors, directors, musicians, actors, founders and more to innovate media. Join us as a mentor, partner, or part of the community.


(Tuesday) 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



305 E 5th · Austin, TX 78701

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Speakers for this event

  • AJ Bruno

    AJ Bruno


    Executive and entrepreneur with a blend of business development, marketing, operational and leadership skills. Build talented, reliable teams and prepare them to achieve long-lasting client partnerships. Catalyze exponential growth from the ground up—recruiting, training, and modeling excellence. True communicator who stops at nothing to impart value, internally and externally. Optimize many “moving parts” with a project manager’s eye for improvement.


  • Chad Swiatecki

    Chad Swiatecki

    Journalist and Editor

    So calm I'm mistaken for comatose I'm coming up on four years relocated to Austin, TX after parachuting out of the newspaper industry up in Michigan. Now I write for whoever can scratch a check and manage to spell my last name. I'm drawn to reclamation projects of the spiritual and social kind. I see the good in everyone, but I'm terribly cynical and have a bullshit detector that has no OFF switch. I get told I'm flirty, when I'm not trying. When I try it resembles a three-lane car wreck. What else? I'm bad at remembering/recognizing birthdays but I really want to get better. I'm consistently erratic. Yup. Whiskey as a first option, tequila if there's nothing else. Vodka under no circumstances. I firmly believe the best way to solve problems is to get a ton of awesome people together in a room and let them bounce off each other. Why this doesn't happen more is beyond me. Lots of people believe in religion but community activism gets more done sans all the judgmentalism. Sadly, I've never left the continent. This will change soon, I promise.

    Journalist and Editor

  • Dave Manzer

    Dave Manzer


    I own a marketing and communications agency with offices in Austin, Denver and Houston. We work with clients in America, Europe and Asia to reach their branding and revenue goals through agile approach to digital marketing, media outreach, inbound & content marketing, social media strategy and thought leadership.


  • Johnny Holden

    Johnny Holden


    Science, Technology, Innovation, Politics & Culture, Music & Arts. I work both for news media outlets as well as in a PR/Consultancy role.


  • Russ Somers

    Russ Somers

    VP of Marketing

    In leading TrendKite’s Marketing team, Russ balances a data-driven approach with an interest in finding new approaches and growth hacks. He writes occasionally for publications such as MarketingProfs, Wired, and Website Magazine. Russ has 20 years of experience ranging from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies and has led teams at Invodo, sonarDesign, Dun & Bradstreet, and Dell. Russ holds a BA in Sociology and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Russ lives in Pflugerville with his wife and children, and spends his spare time collecting and restoring vintage guitars.

    VP of Marketing

Antone's305 E 5th · Austin, TX 78701