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Creative freedom, individuality, and freedom are what drive Al Serino. The paintings he creates are powerful and energetic. From a young age, Al began creating and observing his surroundings through a variety of mediums, including portraits, which he was curious about. Colors are layered throughout his compositions to form an emotional space that is either transparent or opaque depending on what is needed for the piece. Over the past 10 years, he has shifted his focus to landscaping. Al Serino in New York abandoned the idea that nature was perfect and began studying the form and color of the environment around him. While he was painting the industrial landscape of NYC for many years, landscaping has become ingrained into his DNA and after so many abstract works, he feels like he has finally found his niche in oil painting. Throughout his career, Serino has received many accolades for his work, which has been exhibited both locally and internationally. There are both public and private collections of his work around the globe. The artwork of Al Serino has been exhibited in many countries, and it was recently featured on the cover of a national magazine.