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Head of Legal


Amiel Gross is an accomplished legal professional serving as the Vice President and Head of Legal at The Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM). With an impressive range of responsibilities, Gross plays a pivotal role in the organization, overseeing critical areas such as intellectual property (IP) matters, contracts, licensing, partnership and sponsored research agreements, compliance, regulatory issues, and human resources.


Amiel Gross’s expertise in legal matters is instrumental in identifying and addressing potential issues that may not be initially apparent to others. This unique ability allows him to collaborate effectively with various teams, providing invaluable insights and contributing to shaping the future of CBM. His dedication to streamlining business operations and eliminating risks has enhanced the company’s structure and created an environment where scientists can work more productively.


While Amiel Gross may not possess a scientific background, his deep-rooted curiosity and passion for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and rare diseases drive his commitment to helping patients. Hailing from Texas, he graduated with high honors from Southwestern University in 1996, where he also excelled as an NCAA All-American baseball player. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Gross earned his J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law in 1999, thanks to his NCAA academic scholarship.


Amiel Gross’s multifaceted expertise in law and his genuine interest in the biotech industry make him an invaluable asset to CBM. Through his diligent work in overseeing legal affairs, he ensures that the organization operates within regulatory frameworks, navigates complex contractual agreements, and fosters a compliant and productive work environment. Gross’s unwavering dedication to the company’s mission exemplifies his role as a legal life-saver, supporting the advancement of breakthrough medicines and making a positive impact on the lives of patients in need.


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