Chris Howard

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The Rattle Collective


Cofounder & CEO


Chris is the CEO & Cofounder of The Rattle – a ‘joining of worlds’ between music culture and startup culture. Chris’ professional goal is to tear down old school gatekeepers that prevent the weird and wonderful from impacting our everyday lives.

Having been a researching physicist and psychologist, alongside an aspiring ‘spy’ and medical nerd, Chris found his feet when starting his first technology company out of MIT in 2009. Since then, his passions lie in helping nerds, artists, and food entrepreneurs who don’t look the same, smell the same or think the same – behave like disruptive founders & hackers of the future. The techniques Chris values above all others is that of ‘venture building’ – turning changes of behaviour into powerful movements or startups. Chris is totally shit at old-school business. Soz.

Although not a regular investor, when Chris can’t help directly, he’ll often write a small cheque to support those on their journey.