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Eli Mirlis – Regal Care’s CEO

Eli Mirlis is CEO of RegalCare, a healthcare provider that offers a full continuum of care. Eliyahu Mirlis has been named a 2020 Future Leader by Skilled Nursing News. Mirlis is a tireless advocate for the industry and for his patients. He has been referred to as ”The Minister of Culture,” by his employees because of the way he has changed and shaped the culture at RegalCare.

Mirlis’ success is heavily dependent on his ability to engage loyal patients/residents, keep them healthy and happy during their stay at RegalCare facilities. And, then if they need it, transition them successfully back into their community; especially during periods of high acuity when they are most vulnerable.

At RegalCare Mirlis believes that happy residents mean happy families which means happy communities where they live out the rest of their lives with dignity and respect.

The road to a better future
RegalCare is a small, multi-facility operator with one main focus: helping patients/residents stay as mobile as possible while they recover from a major illness or injury. Through its subsidiaries, RegalCare employs over 600 people the US. Mirlis began with a vision to make a positive difference in the healthcare system.

From the beginning, he was committed to creating a better future for patients/residents and their families. Its core values guided the company’s vision and strategy. Mirlis’ vision for RegalCare is to be the standard for compassionate care. This vision has been woven into everything he does. The company’s mission, “To provide compassionate care to all people,” is reflected in its core values: respect, dignity, honesty, and compassion.

Mirlis’ core values
RegalCare’s CEO, Eli Mirlis, is on a mission to change the culture of nursing. If you ask him what the key principles are behind RegalCare’s culture, he’ll tell you that respect, dignity, honesty, and compassion are RegalCare’s core values.

Mirlis isn’t someone who has adopted a slogan or a tagline to communicate RegalCare’s core values. He truly believes in this system. He can talk about the importance of values and how they shape the rest of the culture at RegalCare, but he’s not just interested in what they mean, he’s interested in what they can do.

Purpose of RegalCare
RegalCare’s future is tied to the health of its residents. Everyone knows that the elderly are at a higher risk of long-term health issues due to age-related diseases, injuries and complex medical conditions. That is why RegalCare’s focus is on keeping residents/patients as mobile as possible.

Eli Mirlis wants RegalCare’s residents to be healthy and happy, so that they can live as long and as well as possible. Healthy living starts with good nutrition and regular exercise. If a person is healthy, he is more likely to participate in activities like walking and gardening that are good for his overall health and well-being.

RegalCare makes sure that its residents are getting the food and fluids they need to keep their bodies healthy. At RegalCare, nursing is not just a job. Our residents are our family and we want them to feel comfortable and safe in their new home.

Culture and philosophy of Eliyahu Mirlis
RegalCare’s culture is rooted in respect, dignity, honesty and compassion and they are woven into everything that RegalCare personnel does. Mirlis believes in the value of respect because it is the foundation of trust. Respect is earned when a person or organisation demonstrates honesty and opens his/her heart and mind to the needs of those around them.

RegalCare’s philosophy is built on the belief that people are more likely to succeed when they have dignity. Dignity is earned when a person has a sense of self-worth and is treated with respect.

Care is not just about the clinical services
Although nursing care is certainly a key component of RegalCare’s services, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Mirlis believes that a good nursing department can only do so much. It’s the other departments, like housekeeping, dietary and the activities department, that need to take care of the resident’s overall health and well-being. If these departments are strong and well-managed, they can lift the nursing department to better levels.

Partnerships are key to sustainability
Mirlis has created a multitude of partnerships throughout the healthcare system to help make a difference in the lives its residents. RegalCare works with many hospice partners to help bring comfort to terminally ill patients/residents.

Some of company’s core values were developed to foster a culture of caring and generosity among employees. This commitment to service is a key component to RegalCare’s success.

Eliyahu Mirlis has made it a priority to keep its residents/patients healthy and well-fed. The company believes that if a resident is well-fed, he or she is more likely to participate in regular exercise, which is good for their overall health.

RegalCare’s facilities have a purpose-built exercise room that helps residents get their cardio-vascular and strength-training needs met. RegalCare facilities also have a nursing staff onsite to help patients who need assistive devices like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc. Mirlis believes that if a resident is well-fed, he or she is more likely to participate in regular exercise, which is good for their overall health.

RegalCare’s facilities have a purpose-built exercise room that helps residents get their cardio-vascular and strength-training needs met. And if a resident needs assistance with mobility, RegalCare staff members are available 24/7. RegalCare provides the best care for its residents/patients and the employees who serve them. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article and we would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative, on our future leaders.