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Elly Kleinman Americare President and CEO oversees a group of companies that provide a wide range of healthcare services. Over 35 years have passed since Americare Companies was founded. Mr. Kleiman currently leads the company, which aims to provide quality care, services, and support for patients and their families. The company's CEO, Elly Kleinman, is responsible for developing longstanding collaborations with healthcare partners across the country, including hospitals, short- and long-term rehabilitation centers, and insurance providers. Being a member of many boards and community organizations, as well as a generous donor to numerous charities in Brooklyn, Elly Kleinman is extremely active and supportive. While not managing The Americare Companies, Mr. Kleinman enjoys listening to music, traveling, and extending educational services to the community. The Jewish community is also extremely devoted to and active with Elly Kleinman, who supports a variety of medical, educational, and cultural organizations, including the Artscroll-Mesorah Heritage Foundation, the Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center, Ohel Children's Home and Family Services, Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, Maimonides Medical Center, and Torah Academy of Brooklyn. About Americare A privately held healthcare company, Americare operates in the United States. Elly Kleinman, the founder and CEO of Americare Companies, oversees all aspects of management and future strategy. The company provides a wide range of healthcare services, for its clients in New York State, which include home health care and rehabilitation services, international nurse recruitment, encompassing professional, paraprofessional and ancillary support services. Americare is based in Brooklyn, New York and offers a number of popular programs and services. The services are designed specifically for seniors who might be eligible for assisted living facilities or nursing homes, but would like to receive their personal care at home instead. The home health care plans offered by Americare Companies are affordable coverage options for families and employers, according to Elly Kleinman Americare CEO. Professionals at Americare ensure that patients receive vital care and enjoy a high quality of life. Besides providing physical assistance to patients, Americare Companies also offers compassion, companionship, and comfort in their homes. A nursing staff's qualifications are essential, but so are their bedside manners or soft skills. Aside from providing assistance with personal care needs, Kleinman's Americare also provides assistance with bathing, dressing, and eating. The nurses at Americare may be responsible for changing linens or transporting care recipients. Nurses at Americare are all supervised by licensed practical nurses at all times.