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Firoz Patel is a Canadian businessman. In 2004, he co-founded of one of the industry’s best online global payment processors. The company was honored by The Chamber of Commerce at Ville St. Laurent to win the Industry Alpha Award for Excellence in Consumer Products. Moreover, Firoz Patel received three other reward nominations: Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and the Export Achievement Award.

Firoz Patel serves as the company’s executive Vice President. He is responsible for overseeing the entire operations of the organization. As a successful company leader Firoz Patel led the company, expanding its product reach and profit revenues. A modest background is the foundation of Firoz Patel’s life. His vision of a successful career began at an early age.

He graduated from Champlain College in Montreal, Canada with a Business Administration degree in Marketing.  In the field of online payments, Firoz Patel is known as a leader. His strategic vision has helped him achieve his goals. With each company he works with, Patel brings a unique blend of marketing and technology skills. A solid alignment of technology and business initiatives is the key to Firoz Patel’s online payments solution’s success. Patel’s payment-solution platform and technology became part of Payza’s payment solution later.  During his tenure at Payza, Patel led the company’s strategic relationships.

Patel’s responsibilities included managing Payza’s corporate culture and growing its economic enterprise. By expanding product reach and improving profit margins, Patel Firoz led the company’s fiscal growth. Firoz is also the company’s liaison between its boards, executive teams, and stakeholders.

Firoz is also responsible for communicating the company’s strategic shifts and managing its corporate culture.  A global solution for online payments, AlertPay Inc. was founded by Firoz Patel in 2004. As Chief Executive Officer, Firoz was responsible for directing and overseeing the entire organization’s operations. Having developed a passion for online payments, he pioneered this strategic vision to achieve his own goals.

As a technology and marketing professional, Firoz brings a unique mix of skills to any company he works with.   Through his Founder and CEO role, Firoz Patel has aligned business and technology initiatives for a solution that delivers results consistently. A combination of Firoz’s business acumen, leadership, and foresight enabled MH Pillars to acquire AlertPay’s strategic assets. As part of this transition, MH Pillars hired Firoz to oversee the Payza platform launch as well as maintain consistency.

As Payza’s Executive Vice President, Firoz Patel oversees the company’s operations. Firoz is responsible for Payza’s strategic relationships, economic enterprise growth and corporate culture management. As a leader of the company’s fiscal growth, Firoz expands the product range and improves profit margins.

Furthermore, Firoz serves as a liaison between the company’s boards, executive teams, and stakeholders. Additionally, Firoz is responsible for articulating and managing the company’s strategic shifts.