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pharmaceutical, real estate, shipping, and industrial sectors


Marc Bistricer is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has made significant contributions in the pharmaceutical, real estate, shipping, and industrial sectors. With his ability to restructure organizations, Bistricer has been able to turn around struggling companies and create opportunities for growth. In this article, we will discuss Bistricer’s achievements in the business world and his investment strategies.

Tin Hat Ventures: Bistricer’s Venture Capital/Incubator

Bistricer’s entrepreneurial journey began when he founded Tin Hat Ventures, a venture capital/incubator that provides funding and support to start-up companies. With a degree in Talmudic law from Mir Yeshiva, Jerusalem, Israel, Bistricer’s expertise in the legal field has been instrumental in helping start-ups navigate legal hurdles.

Murchinson: Bistricer’s Alternative Investment Management Firm

In 2012, Bistricer founded Murchinson, an alternative investment management firm that manages the funds of institutional investors and families. With his global reach, Bistricer is able to take advantage of the most profitable opportunities, regardless of the market cycle. As the CEO of Murchinson, Bistricer utilizes a multi-strategy approach to invest in all stages of the market cycle, using his team’s expertise and specialized products.

Investment Strategies at Murchinson

Murchinson’s investment strategies are designed to take advantage of opportunities across various industries, geographies, and asset classes. The firm’s success is driven by a culture of growth, innovation, curiosity, and excellence. Here are some of the investment strategies employed by Murchinson:

Distressed Investing

One of Murchinson’s successful investment strategies is distressed investing. By investing in companies with capital structure distress, Murchinson is able to generate consistent returns, regardless of macroeconomic conditions. Through their market expertise and specialized products, Murchinson is able to capitalize on these opportunities.

Special Situations

Marc Bistricer and his team identify special situations across global capital markets using proprietary global screening processes. By diversifying their returns across industries, geographies, and asset classes, Murchinson is able to capitalize on these opportunities.


Murchinson’s arbitrage strategy goes beyond traditional equity/warrant and merger arbitrage. By identifying anomalies with a global focus and product agnostic strategies, Bistricer and his team are able to capitalize on opportunities that are less utilized, like funding and securities lending.

Structured Finance

Murchinson works with top-tier professionals to provide bespoke financing solutions, utilizing multiple asset classes to maximize value and returns. The firm values strong relationships and typically executes multiple transactions with the same issuer.

Corporate Actions

Bistricer’s ability to detect mispriced opportunities is enabled by aggregating data from exchanges around the world. Based on his substantial experience and strong track record of success, he is able to select the most promising corporate actions confidently.


Marc Bistricer’s success in restructuring organizations across various industries and his achievements in the world of alternative investments are commendable. Bistricer’s ventures, Tin Hat Ventures and Murchinson, have provided funding, support, and profitable investment opportunities to start-ups and institutional investors alike. With a multi-strategy approach and a team of world-class researchers and industry professionals, Murchinson continues to be a leader in the alternative investment management space.