Megan Botha

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United States


Creative Strategy and Operations Manager


Strategic Partnerships, Marketing, Business Development, International Relations


Hello! I’m thrilled to meet you! My name is Megan, and I’m someone who absolutely thrives on collaborating with others and connecting with new faces. My passion lies in assisting startups as they venture into new markets. With a background deeply rooted in the realm of media and technology, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of companies in these fields.

Back in 2017, I graduated from Baylor University, where I pursued a dual degree in Accounting and English Literature, complemented by a minor in environmental science. The mix of these fairly different disciplines allowed me to develop a unique perspective that intertwines creativity and analytical thinking. I find great satisfaction in the process of creative problem solving and exploring innovative solutions to various challenges.

I was born in South Africa and moved to Houston, Texas at 9 years old, although I currently live in Chicago. Throughout my professional journey, my focus has primarily been on supporting international startups as they navigate the American market, specifically within the media industry. Witnessing the birth and growth of new creative ventures has been a source of joy and excitement for me.

Whether it’s brainstorming fresh ideas, strategizing marketing campaigns, or assisting with creative planning, I’m always eager to contribute my skills and expertise. I succeed in dynamic environments where I can nurture and support new creative avenues. The opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals and collectively shape the future of media and technology is what keeps me motivated.

Let’s connect and embark on an exciting journey together!