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Originally from New Jersey, Moshe Newhouse is an accomplished artist who graduated from Montclair State University with a Fine Arts degree. His unique approach to painting embraces the playfulness of oil paint, resulting in captivating and thought-provoking works of art. In this article, we delve into the artistic journey of Moshe Newhouse and explore the themes, techniques, and inspiration behind his remarkable paintings.


A Reflection of Childhood Independence and Love of Nature

Growing up in the countryside, Moshe Newhouse spent his days immersed in nature, captivated by its wonders and beauty. His childhood experiences of playing in the woods and observing the natural world have deeply influenced his artistic expression. Through his paintings, he skillfully captures the landscape with a freedom of mark and color that reflects his sense of independence and joy in the outdoors.


Exploring the Human Figure and the Power of Imagination

While painting and drawing the human figure, Moshe Newhouse finds inspiration in the dynamic nature of life itself. His works not only depict subjects from real-life observations but also draw upon the depths of his imagination. By merging reality and imagination, Newhouse infuses his art with a sense of intrigue and curiosity, creating captivating compositions that engage the viewer.


Embracing Experimentation and Freedom of Expression

For Moshe Newhouse, artistic expression knows no boundaries. He embraces experimentation as a means to keep his creativity alive and thriving. His paintings traverse different styles and mediums, reflecting his desire to constantly explore new techniques and push the boundaries of his artistic practice. This fearless approach to experimentation ensures that each of his works is imbued with a unique and refreshing perspective.


The Enigmatic Chiaroscuro Technique

One of the defining features of Moshe Newhouse’s artwork is his peculiar chiaroscuro technique, reminiscent of the paintings of Old Masters. He employs a violent yet ingenious method of manipulating images, using unconventional tools such as pinching, puncturing, scratching, and applying heavy impasto paint. This distinctive approach gives his paintings an aged appearance, as if they have undergone numerous transformations and alterations over time.


Exploring Cultural Traces, Violence, Fear, and Spirituality

Within his mind-blowing paintings, Moshe Newhouse delves into profound themes such as cultural traces, violence, fear, and spirituality. His art emanates a darker atmosphere, reflecting the intensity of the subjects he portrays. Through reinterpretations of religious works, portraits, sculptures, landscapes, and nature studies, Newhouse invites viewers to contemplate the complex nature of reality and challenge conventional perceptions.


Unveiling Freshness and Intensity

By peeling away, modifying, and layering his paintings, Moshe Newhouse reveals hidden layers that radiate freshness and intensity. Beneath the surface tones lie vibrant expressions of his artistic vision, defying classical conventions and emphasizing the essence of reality over mere appearances. Each stroke and layer conveys a deeper meaning, inviting viewers to engage with the layers of symbolism and emotion embedded within his work.



Moshe Newhouse’s artistic journey is one of constant exploration, fearless experimentation, and intense expression. His paintings capture the essence of childhood joy, merge reality with imagination, and tackle profound themes of spirituality and cultural identity. Through his enigmatic chiaroscuro technique and unique manipulation of images, Newhouse’s artwork invites viewers to question conventional perceptions and explore the depth of artistic expression. With every stroke, he invites us into his world, where playfulness meets intensity, and where art becomes a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and connection.