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What is your preferred product management / roadmapping tool?

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Here are some of the most common, what is your fave?






Roadmap Planner








Amelia Warren Answered question

So I’ve used trello in the past to get our documentary team on task in post, didn’t need a whole lot out of it, seemed to work fine. Actually the day before this question was posted I had asked around and without much feedback I ended up using this free web based one called freedcamp.com  So far so good, clean, simple, and really customizable. Within the dashboard there’s basically a secondary sub-dashboard where you can install widgets that will perform some of the more advanced or project specific features or integrations from other well known 3rd productivity apps out there.  will update after a week or so of use.

Ben Riseman Answered question

My college aged nephew (studying comp sci) swears by ClickUp. I asked him why – he said it was the only task mgt system that everyone emphatically used and is very popular in the younger set. I will try it out and see what it’s like. I’ve used Trello and a self-customized version of a very old SalesForce install that we modified like crazy (don’t recommend it, but it worked for what we needed).

Paul O'Brien Posted new comment

I’m curious, do you use Notion?


I’m a big fan of notion/trello/slack/monday.com and using the strengths and weaknesses along with their respective integrations.  If you can come up with useful automations and get your permissions set correctly, it can be very useful to use all of these in combination.  Trello for at a glance and client facing tracking, notion for spreadsheets, slack for team communication and notifications as relevant to stakeholders, and Monday for general team and project management.

Amelia Warren Answered question
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