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Everyone has a story.

I help entrepreneur and service professional tell theirs 🔥

How I’ve helped others succeed in the past:
• Mentor and coach on content creation, networking, and organic marketing 📈
• Operated a 150+ member Startup Accelerator for the most active Venture Capital Investor in Texas 📝
• Teach content marketing through videos, virtual summits, and online courses 📚

I used to be terrified of public speaking, now I can’t get enough:
• Keynotes @ Austin Startup Week, 3 Day Startup Global Roundup, Grow Your Business 2020 🎤
• Emcee @ Podcast Movement, Podfest, Outlier Podcast Festival 🎙
• Live-stream host @ Entrepreneur Media, Funded House, The Fire Show 📸

Some of my background:
• Managed world-wide programs in Operations ⚙️
• MS Tech Commercialization 2019 🎓
• Austin’s 50 On Fire 🔥
• Coached founders on pitching to win $770,000 💰

I teach everything I know: