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Presenting Startups from our Fifth Collective Cohort

MediaTech Ventures is passionate about guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs to success, which is why we founded our incubator program Collective. The 12-week media and technology curriculum is designed to bring new ideas into reality. Startups are taught by field experts with experience in music, advertising, social media, journalism, film and more. Through education, targeted resources and networking we’re ensuring small businesses get a powerful start.

With that, we are proud to introduce our fifth direct Incubator Cohort, a virtual class running in parallel with our international programs. These Rockstar startups are driving media innovation through the power of books and music. Get to know them!

Between the Covers Book Club

Image Source: Madison Bynum

Madison Bynum started Between the Covers Book Club as place where women could passionately pursue their best selves through inspirational books, elevating and empowering members, and loving strangers unconditionally. The inclusive sisterhood strives to grow a community where each woman feels a sense of self-worth. The book club is dedicated to supporting and showing enthusiasm for the success of other women, as well as their own.


Founders Katerina Boiko and Yury Sukhoverkhov combined their passion for music and technology to create SMUZI, a pocket sized AI music video director and mobile application. The application records your song (including vocal and instruments) and creates an original music video using a unique algorithm, allowing you to confidently collaborate with your friends.

Image Source: Katerina Boiko

Uprise RaDIYo

Image Source: Ben Riseman

Uprise Radiyo is a new local-focused streaming broadcast network that aims to provide a future for music that is healthy and thriving. The broadcast network implements a model in which the fans are the ones responsible for discovering, determining, and curating the content that was written for them in the first place. Founder Ben Riseman and cofounder Jacob Miguel, envision a future with a landscape clear of channels and corporations polluting its soil and poisoning its fruits. One that remains ever-diverse, and ever-evolving, where discovery is the rule rather than the exception. The way music was meant to be.

Excelling Innovation

Every entrepreneur needs a business mentor – someone who can share their wisdom, skills, failures and successes in order to help others flourish. When entrepreneurs win, we all win. Keep an eye out on these amazing startups. Join the MediaTech community and follow their progress!

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Evelyn O'Toole

Evelyn O’Toole is a recent graduate of Emerson College Digital Marketing and Data Analytics online master's program. She is an avid writer and enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting world of innovation and technology as an intern at MediaTech Ventures.

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