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Our Startup Program Makes its Way to Chicago, Supporting Women Led CannaTech Ventures

CannaTech Ventures announced today the development and launch of a three-month curriculum and startup program to accelerate entrepreneurs in technology on behalf of the accelerating and changing cannabis industry.

Predominantly women-led, CannaTech Ventures marks one of the first and few times a minority-owned startup development program emerges to serve founders, much less so given the focus on a still nascent and even legislatively developing industry. The program launches purposefully with the tremendous collaboration of partners, mentors, and platforms, to provide a distinctly exceptional experience for cannabis professionals while embracing the ever-changing economy in support of remote work, the gig economy, and the creative class.

As MediaTech Ventures’ expanded into Chicago with the support of 2112 Inc., I’ve joined the incredible team including Candace Clark, Elanta Slowek, MSc, Dominic Marella, Michael Jaroscak (MJ), Scott Fetters, Amor Montes De Oca, and Noemi Romero.

“John Zozzaro shared an opportunity to expand their platform that’s been accelerating media startups, to support the Cannabis Industry in Chicago. Chicago is on track to become the Silicon Valley of Cannabis, so we knew it was time to focus our experience and community on developing meaningful ventures and startups in cannabis.  We tapped Dominic Marella, given his unwavering support of the cannabis industry with banking and financial solutions, and 2112 Inc, Chicago’s largest creative hub, to have a home and put together an incredible team of mentors.”

– Candace Clark, CannaTech Ventures Marketing Managing Director

“I guess you could say we’re getting in the weeds with them”

Added MediaTech’s Paul O’Brien

Capital raises for cannabis companies have increased 165% since dispensaries were deemed essential in 2020. The growing need for technology can be seen in most aspects of the industry, projected to be valued at over $70B globally by 2028. CannaTech Ventures is a cannabis industry technology incubator helping innovators building tech-enabled products gain access to the tools, education, networking, and capital firms necessary to increase their odds of success. Armed with a diverse set of uniquely talented experts, CannaTech Ventures moves the industry forward through global innovation by fostering new technology, promoting community, and democratizing accessibility.

Why Chicago?

According to Benny Mathew, LP @ LongJump, and Founder of Orion3, affirmsChicago is the Silicon Valley of Cannabis.” There is no doubt that the Cannabis industry is booming, and with all of the emerging startups in Chicago, there is still a massive gap in support and the need for additional resources. Chicago is one of America’s cultural melting pots, making it a wonderful place to grow an equitable and diverse cannabis industry. CannaTech Ventures is helping push diversity forward by creating a program founded on equity and inclusion.

How does CannaTech Ventures help startups?

CannaTech Ventures is an early-stage incubator, providing startups with the education and community they need to go from the back of the napkin to incorporation through a twelve-week program. Startups will have access to a physical location. They’ll learn from industry experts and be introduced to potential capital sources, with a community of mentors and teachers ready to help. When going through CannaTech Ventures’ incubator, startups will have the full support and access to resources needed to pursue their idea meaningfully.

Applications to the program are immediately welcome, and founders in Chicago and available remotely are encouraged to apply.  Beyond the incubator itself, CannaTech Ventures is a community and infrastructure available to founders, mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs beyond the focus on technology and welcomes everyone working in agriculture, market development, and public policy. Learn more at CannaTech Ventures

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