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MediaTech International Graduate Showcase

MediaTech Ventures and ProColombia are proud to have formed such a dynamic collaboration to build a bridge between Colombian startups and the U.S. market.

Throughout the 12 week program, MediaTech International, one thing was made very clear to the MediaTech Ventures team – Innovation lives in Colombia!

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We couldn’t be more thrilled with the inaugural cohort. They span throughout the media tech sectors: AI, Big Data, Blockchain, AR, VR, Video Games, Marketing Tech, Publishing, and Film/TV.

They’ve worked hard and put countless hours into the homework. They met each challenge with stride and these 14 startups have persevered. So it’s with an abundance of gratitude, and a grain of salt that we showcase these amazing startups to the world!

Meet the graduating startups out to change the world of Media Technology!

Alternova powers digital health apps & platforms by building interactive experiences using web and gaming technology and focusing on using its data to provide insights for research, care, and business. The generated data through video games and interactive experience allows insight into someone’s mind, providing an opportunity to solve more problems related to human wellbeing. Maria Clara Mesa is the Chief Operating Officer responsible for leading the Alternova team.

Bees2Biz helps other companies optimize their digital transformation. Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of talented and motivated professionals, they develop cutting-edge solutions using the latest technology such as IoT integration, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence. Francisco Rojas is the CEO and Founder.

DataKnow helps companies to understand and take advantage of their data. Using Analytics and Agile methodologies they create solutions that add value and improve business processes, offering alternatives to client needs, striving to leverage the power of data and increase profitability.

EBS-ETHOS supports the value chain of Latin American companies with specialized products. They build software solutions aligned with an organization’s needs. Chief Innovation Officer, Daniel Fernando Cortes Gonzalez, has led the team for 2 years.

Factor Clave creates the learning experience that they really deserve. A platform to enhance the connection between teachers and learners by integrating learning methodologies, tools, tracking the right information, and incorporating predictive education. Laura González is the CEO.

Foonkie Monkey creates innovative, intuitive, and brilliant applications that handle sensitive information. Focused on mobile and cloud solutions for the healthcare and banking sector, Foonkie Monkey offers both nearshore and offshore outsourcing services. Camilo Paez and Carlos Rosales Oviedo lead the Foonkie Monkey team.

iD.WORKS SAS provides audiovisual services that contribute to the growth of the film and TV industry in Colombia. They create formats with a universal language for different screens, channels, and platforms. Jamie Cardozo Nuñez and Diego Sánchez lead the iD.WORKS SAS team.

Medea Interactiva creates unique e-learning experiences using the most advanced and innovative technologies available. They integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies from the world of video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, simulation, and artificial intelligence to create unique and engaging learning experiences. Veronica Escobar Betancurt is the Commercial Director.

mpl eLearning XR Services is a multidisciplinary e-learning service company with over 13 years of experience in Colombia and in global projects in the region. They work collaboratively, covering instructional design, consulting, visual design, development, and user experience. Fabio Uribe is the ELearning Consulting Manager.

Novalntegra integrates business solutions with specialized technologies and strategies in administration, acquisition, conversion, and customer loyalty, that generate opportunities and demand through advanced marketing and improvement in user experiences. Jorge Fernandez is the Co-Founder and CEO.

Pluriza offers software product development and technical business outsourcing processes from Colombia towards the North American market. Andres Lastra is the CEO and Founder.

Virtual Impact specializes in design, development, and implementation of technological solutions. They specialize in gamification, serious games, immersive training, and simulation. Mauricio Uribe is the Founder and CEO.

Uzer creates digital experiences for brands and products from any stage of a project. They work on branding, UX-UI design, campaigns, implementation, development, and digital strategy. Carlos Andres Torres is the Co-Founder.

Signos Studio is where talent, creativity, and innovation merge, to create content full of historical richness and cultural appropriation. They specialize in 3D animation, motion capture, and extended realities. Nelson Andrés Guerrero Arcos is the Open Innovation Manager.

See them pitch LIVE!

We’ve mentored some very talented leaders and are looking forward to seeing what strides they take in future markets. Come join us on April 8th, at 10:00 am CT as they showcase their startup.

Anahit Poturyan

Anahit Poturyan is a writer, art educator, and digital marketer based in LA with a strong focus on technology, research, history, and culture.She received her B.A. in English Literature and an Art History minor from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of Art (CalArts).She has worked at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, Italy; the 58th Venice Biennale, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Hammer Museum, Artbook @Hauser & Wirth, and Otis College of Art and Design. She has lectured at numerous conferences across the world, such as the Nordic Summer University in Faro, Sweden, and the Western University of Australia, Perth, Australia. Her writings have appeared in the LA Review of Books, MediaTech Ventures, Whitehot Magazine, among others.

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