Susan Paley’s Making Beats for Sneakers

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Yup, you read that title correctly. Susan Paley, the trailblazing founder & CEO of DropLabs, has pioneered the most progressive and technologically sophisticated sneakers to date. The EP 01 sneaker is the first haptic sneaker invented. That’s technology that will convert audio from your headphones into vibrations you feel from your feet upwards your body. Simultaneously changing two different industries, music & technology, this next-level innovation is making waves in the music, gaming, and even the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities!

Susan is the badass leader who’s spearheaded some of the most futuristic projects in the tech industry. She shook the music industry up years ago as the initial CEO of Beats by Dre. The Beats By Dre headphones became the #1 headphone brand worldwide under her leadership. Paley has also lead the development of “Beats Audio”, a proprietary audio enhancement technology, and had a senior leadership role with the Harman International Group, amongst other great accomplishments in her 20-year career in consumer technology.

Music, Media, Technology, and a Full Body Experience

DropLabs, one of the most novel companies at the moment, has engineered a new way to experience music. They’ve evolved the experience of sound! The EP 01 shoes can be used for music, movies, games and VR. There are different settings on the app for the perfect vibe depending on what you’re using the shoes for. For example, when used in gaming you’ll feel a full immersion as if you are inside the game as the vibrations of the game begin at the soles of your feet. A “personal sound system on-the-go“, the purpose of the sneakers is to change the experience of sound with sensory touch starting from the soles of your feet.

“It was like an awakening.”

– Antoine Hunter, Deaf Activist & Dancer

Paley’s company is a great example of technology bettering the world and positively impacting our lives. DropLabs is creating a community around its product. Most appreciable is the impact this immersive technology is having on the deaf community. The EP 01 sneakers provide better accessibility for deaf gamers, musicians, and dancers. From its inception, DropLabs has consulted with Antoine Hunter, a deaf activist and dancer, while creating the EP 01 sneakers so that members of the dead and HOH communities can benefit from this innovative sneaker.

“It heightens any sonic experience.”

– Bova, International DJ

Get to know Susan Paley

Paley has undoubtedly developed one of the coolest products (again!) on the market and we can’t wait to hear her chat with Ted Cohen next week. Come hang out with us on May 19th at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm CST here.

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    Susan Paley congrats! As always #innovation is first. Very cool idea.

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    This is awesome! using technology in shoes, fashion clothing and accessories is something extraordinary that tells us how much we have progressed in the department of both technology & fashion.

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    the purpose of the sneakers is to change the experience of sound with sensory touch starting from the soles of your feet. Check it at

Susan Paley’s Making Beats for Sneakers

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