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Unconventional Songwriting

Join Hall Up, in their very first webinar on Unconventional Songwriting! ? : Tips & Techniques on how to differentiate yourself in your Songwriting.

This is an opportunity for artist to gain insights and practical tips from one their platform’s music professionals, David A. Griffiths.

David is an award-winning, classically-trained music producer and arranger from Wales, UK. With over 25 years of experience, David has been acclaimed by industry legends such as Tony Visconti, Mark Radcliffe, and Simon Napier-Bell. His expertise and unique approach to music production have helped countless artists find their own voice and create world-class song arrangements.

Hall Up offers musicians access to top-notch music professionals with Live services, from the comfort of their own homes, through real-time in-studio experiences. Musicians collaborate with professional songwriters, beatmakers, producers & sound engineers during the full creation & production process of their songs.

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Webinar Highlights:

  • Showcasing Unconventional Songs & Songwriters
  • Developing Your Unique Sound With Expert Advice from David
  • Practical Tips & Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Interactive Q&A Session

Date: Thursday, June 6th 2024

Time: 1PM (Pacific Time)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

Go to hall-up.com/webinar to book your spot!

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