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Pro Indie Music at BIME Bogotá

Pro Indie Music closes a week full of opportunities in Colombia, after a very productive BIME Bogotá.

Marcelo Lara, founder and CEO, had the opportunity to be at the Nuestra Tierra awards, live with new artists and validate our consulting solution through the use of data analysis technology and risk reduction when making decisions in the music industry with Pro Indie Music

Lara returns to Mexico full of energy to give continuity to new business opportunities from their participation in the music market and will be traveling again to Barcelona from May 21 to June 4.

Pro Indie Music is a digital service for independent artists, managers and agencies to manage their music projects in a more efficient and simple way. They will find personalized goals according to the level they are assigned in their evaluation process, opportunities to grow and all kinds of services in the music industry.

To demo Pro Indie Music for agencies, labels, labels and independent artists, learn more here

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