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Thanks to ITA – Italian Trade Agency and its great team including Luigi Ferrelli Sonia Boggian, and Giuditta Filippetti, as well as Francesco Cerruti and all Italian Tech Alliance team members, ArtCentrica, from our inaugural Italian Trade Agency cohort, found themselves at Viva Technology this year, a wonderful program of startup pitch events, panels with great speakers, investors and other ecosystem players

A fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and advice, ArtCentrica brought to the show their innovative, art-based learning, art appreciation, and soft skills development through art.

“It is fantastic to be here with friends from other startups Valentina Cerolini, Daniele Ena Deesup, Emanuele Borasio, and to all the other friends and partners that are coming to our booth Nathalie Louis, Mireille Pacquet, Camilla Paolocci, Luca Guerrasio, Pasquale Marino, Katrin Ann Orbeta, and Matteo Forte, with whom I share the passion for innovation and technology done in ethical way.”

– Marco Capellinni; Founder and CEO

ArtCentrica is an online platform that transforms the learning and teaching of art and the humanities through art. Offering access to over 8,000 high-resolution artworks from museums and galleries around the world, this unique educational tool promotes an interactive and interdisciplinary approach, enabling users to explore artworks in detail, analyze them, and present them in innovative ways. ArtCentrica is designed to enrich the educational experience of students and teachers, supporting the development of soft skills such as critical thinking and creativity through engaging and customizable content.

With a strong focus on experiential and creative education, ArtCentrica aims to serve as a bridge between the global cultural heritage and the new generations.

Tune in to their feature with INSIDE VIVATECH here

Paul O'Brien

Silicon Valley technology and startup veteran, Paul O'Brien is affectionately known as SEO'Brien for an extensive past in the search industry. Today as CEO and Founder of MediaTech Ventures, O'Brien works in Venture Capital Economic Development, serving the investment and venture capital economies directly, through thought leadership, consulting, and startup development. More, a regional Director of the Founder Institute incubator and mentor in DivInc, Galvanize, and various startup Accelerators.

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