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Italian Tech Startups Ready to Enter U.S. Market

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The Italian spirit of innovation has been strong throughout centuries. Within the last 100 years, technology has been on the mind of many types of creators. Take the Futurists for example, an art and social movement, with visionary ideas about technology, industry, dynamism, and speed. Now, global tech innovation is at the forefront of Italian invention with startups finding solutions to today’s modern challenges. 

We strongly believe in the power of the global community, that’s why we established a partnership with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and 2112. Several startups in Italy were selected to participate in our New Market Entry program; startups working within that focus in sectors such as restaurants, AR, blockchain technology, and Edtech, but each with a media spirit.

Now, after 12-weeks of thoughtful contribution to the program, the cohort today pitched their innovation, virtually to the public. Through working closely with our mentors and teachers, across media industries, the startups have validated their business models and are ready to successfully expand into the American market.

Industry leaders in the Italian and American tech ecosystems shared their insights

MediaTech Ventures’ Paul O’Brien explored Venture Capital and opportunities within the Italian investment capital community alongside panelist speakers Joseph Daniels, Partner at McCarter & English and Robert Pieroni, Economic & Ecosystem Development at Central Houston, Tarek Fahmy, the Chief Technology Officer of StartupGym, and Aurelio Mezzotero Founder & Managing Partner at the Techshop

Trailblazing innovators of Italy shaping the present startup space: Appeaty, Dilium, Genuino, OpenBar, The Spiritual Machine, and ArtCentrica. Watch them pitch and read more about them below.


Appeaty is changing the dining experience. With the Appeaty app you can search for your favorite meal, find a menu, check in, and enjoy! The app aggregates restaurants’ menus for efficient table service, pick up, or food delivery. Menus in different languages are automatically translated with ingredients and allergen information. 


Dilium offers digital solutions using AR & AI technologies through their Augmented Reality Studio, a SaaS platform. Without coding skills, you can create distinctive augmented reality experiences and manage projects all on the same platform. Augmented Reality Studio also connects your online and offline marketing initiatives to improve speed, efficiency, customization, and reporting.


GENUINO collaborates with brands, teams, athletes, musicians, and artists to create new models of consumer engagement while connecting enthusiasts to the blockchain through NFTs. You can buy, sell and trade authentic digital collectibles (NFTs) backed by blockchain-certified physical products in the GENUINO marketplace.  


OpenBar is a marketing platform that functions as a digital intermediary between people, venues and companies. With the OpenBar app users can gift a drink to friends remotely while discovering new venues. Beverage brands organize engaging digital events across locations accessible through the app while testing their products with real-time data and feedback. 

The Spiritual Machine  

The Spiritual Machine is digitalizing the spirits industry while producing high-quality personalized spirits from 100% natural ingredients. They work with bars, restaurants, wine producers, distilleries, etc., to help them create new spirits with a quick production turnaround. The Spiritual Machine has built a large collaborative community around its mission to enable every professional to have their own beverage line.


ArtCentrica is a cloud-based EdTech SaaS platform that brings art from museums to the education market. They work with museums and collections to curate and present their content on their platform, which is then used by art programs from schools and universities. ArtCentrica implements these exhibitions through VirtuItaly, which designs interactive and live art experiences using data. They have worked internationally with reputable museums and organizations like the National Geographic, the MET, Uffizi Gallery and Rijksmuseum

The Future of Innovation

We can’t wait to see what these startups will achieve in the American market. Italy is full of life and the support our partners at the Italian Trade Agency provide is critical for the development of innovation overseas and here at home. Get to know the future of innovation.

You can meet each of the startup leaders directly in our community, at any time.

Join us here with your answer to the community question: What great media innovation are you seeing in Italy today?


Anahit Poturyan

Anahit Poturyan is a writer, art educator, and digital marketer based in LA with a strong focus on technology, research, history, and culture.She received her B.A. in English Literature and an Art History minor from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of Art (CalArts).She has worked at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, Italy; the 58th Venice Biennale, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Hammer Museum, Artbook @Hauser & Wirth, and Otis College of Art and Design. She has lectured at numerous conferences across the world, such as the Nordic Summer University in Faro, Sweden, and the Western University of Australia, Perth, Australia. Her writings have appeared in the LA Review of Books, MediaTech Ventures, Whitehot Magazine, among others.

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  1. Wonderful!! I’m very excited to see how the startups progress with their expansion into the U.S. and more particularly, Texas. It’s an exciting time!!

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