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Media Marketplace Platform Blended Sense Raises $2.5M Seed

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Former NFL Player, and VC, Terrence Murphy Sr., Leads

From their Central Texas roots, it should make perfect sense that a media innovation draws capital from football and real estate but the incredible accomplishments of a startup from MediaTech Ventures’ inaugural cohort tells a story of how and why Texas has become such an epicenter for innovation.

Terrence Murphy has had a remarkable career in both football and real estate; two sectors of the economy in particular well known for their impact well beyond the internet hub of Silicon Valley. He was a record setting wide receiver for Texas A&M University before being drafted in the 2nd round (58th overall) by the Green Bay Packers in the 2005 NFL Draft. After the NFL he transitioned to a career in real estate, where he has become a top 1.5% real estate broker in the US for sales volume, coach, speaker and investor. He became a serious investor in the Texas real estate market and led multiple development and acquisition companies to multi-million dollar revenues and over 250+ bed portfolios through TM5 Properties. His experience and success across multiple industries make him an ideal fit for Blended Sense, a company committed to creating a reliable and accessible production platform to businesses everywhere.

The success of the team in Blended Sense and the impact such traditional non-tech industries can have on venture capital, are a Texan story that’s getting the world’s attention because it’s in evolving more capital to support incredible entrepreneurs that everyone can thrive. Not in small part because the very nature of what Blended Sense is doing can help everyone thrive.

Blended Sense is an innovative media marketplace platform creating more reliable and accessible production solution. The company is dedicated to providing its users with a personalized experience and matches small businesses with hyper-local creative professionals to deliver video, photo, copy, and graphic content every month.

You Produce Video or You Need Video

Albert Baez, Blended Sense founder “We are thrilled to welcome Terrence Murphy to our team. His experience in both athletics and real estate brings a unique perspective to our company. Terrence and I share a similar background, and we are both passionate about making a positive impact in our community. With Terrence’s help, we hope to create a market leading technology in a space that, much like real estate a few years back, is ripe and overdue for innovation.”

For every $1 spent on content in a local community, Blended Sense keeps .77 in that community, closing the circle between the gig market and small businesses to enliven neighborhoods, and drive social change.

With Terrence Murphy on board, Blended Sense is expected to make significant strides in their mission to evolve the production industry to be compatible with the demands of the modern business owner.

“I am beyond excited to join the team at Blended Sense. I believe that their mission to create a more reliable and accessible production industry is essential in the modern business landscape. I am also excited to work with Albert, personally, to bring our shared experiences to the business of sports and education. We have a unique perspective, and we want to use our platform to make a difference in local communities across the world.”

– Terrence Murphy Sr.

It was years ago that that photo was taken when we whipped up some excitement about Austin’s future in MediaTech, and since then, in people like Terrence and Albert, who have a shared history as men of color from challenging childhood situations who relied on athletics and academics to persevere through substantial adversity, we change the world. These shared experiences create the bonds of entrepreneurs, innovation, and impact, and in the strong bond between these two, partnership that will bring significant impact not just to the real estate industry, but also to the world of sports, education and beyond.

Connect with some of the team here, and reach out to Blended Sense for your work in production.

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