6 Technology Trends to a Digital Transformation


Every organization in the world, no matter the industry, is shifting right now. Whether that’s jewelry store Jared hosting virtual weddings, late night hosts telling jokes to a silent cameraman, to Italy adopting AR thermal scanning helmets, we continue to see organizations rise above the current circumstances and try their best to innovate within their space.

The recent launch of “Alamo On Demand” from Austin Texas’ very own Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a courageous gamble considering the space is arguably dominated by a few, yet highlights exactly what every business owner should be doing, innovating. Maybe spending less time trying to ban Universal movies from their theaters, other theater owners can follow suit, potentially creating a more substantial and fruitful solution, ‘together’.

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6 Technology Trends in 2020 Every Marketer Should Know About

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “omnichannel marketing” you need to fix that, yesterday. Christina Lyon, author at Martech.zone, pulls back the curtain on best omnichannel practices in today’s digital economy.

Digital Transformation to the Information Superhighway

Take a trip through digital transformation history with Paul O’Brien, CEO MediaTech Ventures. From Bell Labs’ 1947 invention of the transistor, to Zoom’s 300 million daily meeting participants, how did we get here? Who’s doing what? And why does it matter? 

The fifth installment of the Veteran’s Lounge is up! Host Dallas Burgess discusses the Veterans Lounge experience, podcast style, in a Round Robin with Mylo Villanueva, Dakota Stewart, Dave Fillmore, Adrienne Lunson and Jacob Ramey. Incredible work from Dream State Entertainment & Platinum TDM.

Should Startups Have Employees? Perhaps Not

A “startup” is a venture in search of a business model. Meaning, you don’t yet know how to sustain-ably make money. You can’t be sure of any success. 

An “employee” is explicitly known as a person employed for wages or salary, especially at non-executive level.  So… with what are we promising a salary??

Sure, you may have some revenue (you may even have funding), but people seek “employment” for a measure of stability; for personal security, to some degree.

And startups have none to offer.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m advising, you need a team. Just don’t think of them nor treat them as employees. It’s unfair, to them.  Yes of course, we all know most startups seek “employees,” that’s the conventional word for people working for you. I’m suggesting we change the way we all think about working for startups.  It’s unfair to people to promise employment when you have none to promise. Hire contractors, hire freelance help, or allocate equity to your team so that everyone is working as part of the company.Read the entire article here.


Our friends at The Center For Creative Entrepreneurship have put together an incredibly comprehensive calendar for creative professionals! Check out their fantastic line up here.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Review

Podcasts may seem to be a new medium, but they have actually been around since 2005, initially popularized by iconic media outlets such as the BBC, NPR and KCRW, the trend-setting Los Angeles community radio station. Today, there are over 850,000 active podcast programs currently available.

Another media related phenomenon is video calling/conferencing, made popular to the masses by Apple’s iChat (2002) and Skype (2003), and currently dominated by Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live and others such as StreamYard, Slack and BlueJeans.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, major media conferences such as Austin’s SXSW, Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress and Canadian Music Week were forced to abruptly cancel. Three major European media conferences, DLD, Midem and Wallifornia, have been able to transition to producing  substantial virtual events.

Whether you are offering your personal views on stamp collecting, or launching the next TED conference, you will need, at minimum, an excellent microphone & headphones, a video camera, some mixing software and a USB audio interface.

Right now, let’s look at the Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface:

To be direct, this is great value and quality for the investment. I was quite honestly concerned that it would be a compromise, based on its price point. I should have known my friend & colleague, John Zozzaro, would only recommend the best solution to my audio needs. Technically speaking, I’m a happy camper.

My observations –

  • Most importantly, it works easily right out of the box, with minimal setup on either Mac or PC. Within five minutes, I was connected & recording.
  • The controls are simple, with Mic Gain, Instrument Gain and Headphone Monitor Control.
  • Both stereo line out & USB Type C output are provided
  • The Focusrite Control dashboard is clean and intuitive.
  • Free ‘lite’ versions of Ableton Live, ProTools, Softube and others are bundled for download

On the Plus side:

  • Compact & sturdy design
  • 192kh/24bit sampling
  • Low noise interface
  • Low latency


  • USB 2.0 instead of 3.0
  • The line outputs can’t be muted/disabled

The details:

  • Price: $139
  • Dimensions:  3.77×5.65×1.71 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Power: Provided via USB input

The Center For Creative Entrepreneurship

The Center for Creative Entrepreneurship at 2112 supports entrepreneurs in the creative industries through ongoing hands-on training, mentorship, networking events, boot camps, and archived content for both artists and creative entrepreneurs.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

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