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Introducing Founders from our Fourth Collective Cohort

Just Launched — Our Collective Cohort #4! This iteration of our Collective #MediaTech Incubator marks several firsts: the launch of our first cohort entirely virtual and the first cohort to include participants outside of Austin, Texas.

Welcome to the future of media technology and our program!

Much has changed over the last year (has it really been a year since the #COVID19 pandemic started?) from the economy to the way we interact and do business. But as artists and entrepreneurs in the creative fields, you all are used to succeeding in any environment under the toughest of conditions, and we are confident that this cohort will be as successful as its predecessors.

In previous cohorts, we have seen entrepreneurs build incredible businesses. For example, Blended Sense is a dual-sided marketing + production marketplace connecting small business owners to creative talents. Gamerjibe is an immersive event platform dedicated to bringing incredible value to virtual events and conferences. By the end of our 12 weeks together with this new crew, we know they too will be well on the road to success. They have made a commitment to their dreams, with us, they’re working to grow their network, and extend the runway of their company. Let’s welcome cohort #4!

Marcelo Lara

Marcelo Lara Guerrero is a Musictech Entrepreneur from Mexico with an interest in new technologies of the music industry. With an education in Jazz Studies from Veracruz, Marcelo brings experience as a trained musician while pushing boundaries in the international musical community.

He jammed out as a guitarist while managing the Veracruzan band ‘Guacamole’. In 2017, Marcelo founded Pro Indie Music an automated global platform for artist development in the music industry. This project led him to develop and test growth methodologies, negotiate and delegate on the local and international level, create commercial agreements, plan tours, and foster artist project development.

Sruti Ramaswamy

Sruti Ramaswamy is an innovative strategist based in Houston, Texas. She is the Director of the Houston chapter of SoGal Foundation, the Chief Strategy Officer at Camppedia, and the Managing Director at Solution Focused, a social impact agency.

Sruti transitioned from being an electrical engineer to an EdTech entrepreneur. As a Edtech founder, she consults with startups, fosters critical thinking and youth development, and empowers girls to lead.

Lisbeth Janelle Taylor

Lisbeth Taylor is the CEO “Chief Excitement Officer” at Zently Workplace in Houston, Texas. Zently helps leaders and organizations with workplace wellness and mindfulness programs. As a successful entrepreneur and mindful leader, Lisbeth is helping other leaders (executives, managers, directors) with leadership transformation and mindfulness consulting.

She brings to the cohort a vast international experience, business development, sales, management, and strategy coupled with positive psychology. Lisbeth received her MA in Positive Leadership, Strategy, and Transformation.

Joerg Schnurre

Joerg Schnurre is a leader in fine art and contemporary art business strategy and public relations with strong ties to the German art scene. He has over 14 years of experience as an art consultant and trader.

Joerg studied Politics at the University of Duisburg-Essen and continued to work in Berlin and Dessau-Rosslau in various political and art-related positions. Joerg has organized public art exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, and Dessau while managing graffiti and street artists.

Oh, and he’s been a graffiti artist for 28 years.

Audette Sofia Philips

Audette Philips is the Chief Experiences Officer at Catalyst Arts Entertainment, one of her two companies. She’s also the Brand Strategist with her second company Catalyst Studios. She plans to expand Catalyst Studios into a media agency in the coming years. Audette works with clients to redo their marketing practices and polish their brand.

She has a Career Coaching certificate from the Life Purpose Institute and an Integrated Marketing certificate from the SF State Extension. She is based in Oakland, California.

Thomas (Dylan) Daniel

Dylan Daniel is an independent scholar and writer from Austin, Texas. Formally trained as a philosopher, he studied at Southwestern University and Texas State University-San Marcos. He has worked as a lecturer and published scholarly articles internationally.

As a natural problem solver, Dylan transitioned into the business world from academia, where he now applies his aptitude for finding solutions and thinking through complex ideas into the business world.

Megan Botha

Megan Botha is a Partner in Development Advisory and Strategy at Norbenture, a boutique marketing consultancy based in Houston, Texas. As a marketer with strong networking and strategy skills, Megan is passionate about helping other companies with market research and business development. Since February 2021, Megan has been part of the MediaTech Ventures team as a Business Development Specialist. Megan was educated in South Africa at Baylor University.

We’re honored to have such an extraordinary cohort join us!

Media technology and this incubator reflect the world of today. Virtually we will build deeper connections with our colleagues, explore a myriad of diverse ideas, and learn what each original thinker can offer to the world.

Learn more about participating in our upcoming Collective MediaTech Incubator!

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Anahit Poturyan

Anahit Poturyan is a writer, art educator, and digital marketer based in LA with a strong focus on technology, research, history, and culture.She received her B.A. in English Literature and an Art History minor from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of Art (CalArts).She has worked at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, Italy; the 58th Venice Biennale, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Hammer Museum, Artbook @Hauser & Wirth, and Otis College of Art and Design. She has lectured at numerous conferences across the world, such as the Nordic Summer University in Faro, Sweden, and the Western University of Australia, Perth, Australia. Her writings have appeared in the LA Review of Books, MediaTech Ventures, Whitehot Magazine, among others.

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