Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Review

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On June 1, 1984, I made my first cellphone call from my car. The handset was mounted on the center console of my Volvo 760 Turbo, the 12” x 12” control unit was bolted down in the trunk. Calls were around $0.50 a minute, the coverage was spotty, and the device was expensive – $3000 at the time, $7500 in … Read More

MediaTech Spotlight: Michael Svatek

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There is an element to the written works ecosystem that remains poorly developed, economically, for professional writers. With the dawn of the internet, we understand that the way in which writers ply their talent is forever changing; whether you’re a book author, a journalist, an editor, or otherwise, technology changes how and where we write and monetize our work. What … Read More