Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Review

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On June 1, 1984, I made my first cellphone call from my car. The handset was mounted on the center console of my Volvo 760 Turbo, the 12” x 12” control unit was bolted down in the trunk. Calls were around $0.50 a minute, the coverage was spotty, and the device was expensive – $3000 at the time, $7500 in … Read More

Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP Review

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When I was living in Boston in the mid-70’s, I ended up meeting and becoming friends with the audio dream team at Advent, the legendary speaker company. The ‘alchemists’ included the brilliant founder, Henry Kloss (KLH>AR>Advent>Cambridge SoundWorks>Tivoli Audio) Tom DeVesto (Advent>Cambridge SoundWorks>Tivoli Audio>Como Audio), Andy Pettit & Frank Reed (Advent>Boston Acoustics) and the wunderkind, Tom Holman (Advent>APT>THX), inventor of the … Read More

A Plea For Open Information Borders

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In the work that I do in media, as a voice at conferences and an advisor in major media companies, timely awareness of the news is critical. I think we can agree that now more than ever, that’s true for everyone. I would like to ask/suggest/implore that, for the next 45-60 days, all online news outlets remove their paywalls. More … Read More