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Is there an ideal *student* alternative to Adobe Premier Pro?


Kids student license through the school got cancelled for some reason ?

Disappointing because they’ve been doing more and more video work.  Considering buying it, this isn’t a question of price, but rather being kids, are there other tools they should learn and use too?

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

I’ve used OpenShot for video editing.  Free and open source.

I’m using the professional version of Kapwing and Canva for video editing.  Both are web-based and great for short video formats.   Each has a free version of the tool.

Paul O'Brien Posted new comment

Forgot to mention, CapCut for mobile video editing …. assuming your kids use their phones for productivity. Has a ton of features, is slightly buggy, but can make video editing fun.

Brilliant Rob, thank you!

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