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What are the ethical implications of using articles, images, and music, found online, to train AI?

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Moral dilemma question of the day ?

Since AI is being trained by articles, images and art, and music, found online, what are the implications of using those works without paying the creators? Are there not risks in using unauthorized or illegal works?

Jonathan Buchner Answered question

I just google that, and found one question in Quora, ‘Is it ethical to pirate educational media?’. One answer popped up ‘Yes. All education should be free.’, although both questions and answers are updated like 10 years ago.

However, if we take AI training in education viewpoint, there would be another question, is it moral to educate AI by misinformation?

Back to Paul’s question, the AI training process is similar to the human browsing behavior. Thus, is it legal to let AI browse unauthorized or illegal works?

Andy Lee Answered question
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