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Innovation Italy

Enter the American Market

MediaTech Ventures and Italian Trade Agency (ITA) have built a strategic partnership to foster Italian startups seeking support for U.S. expansion.  Join us as we bridge the gap between the Italian and American startup ecosystems, with the first MediaTech industry-focused incubator for Italian startups.

Participants of the program gain access to MediaTech Ventures’ community platform, industry experts as mentors & teachers, and the ability to maximize opportunities in the U.S. and Global markets. Join the next cohort

 12-Weeks to a New Market

ITA and MediaTech Ventures work closely with you to help you meet your goals.  


What You’ll Learn

Startups graduate with the necessary skills, knowledge, and relationships to be successful in the U.S. and beyond. In our program, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and prioritize the opportunities that occur in global markets and in the U.S.
  • Position yourself as a viable and competitive solution provider in the U.S.
  • Understand the differences in business culture and practices in the U.S. with special regard to communication, information presentation, and distribution channels.
  • Define your own export cost structure to the U.S., taking into account regional variations and channels.
  • Build relationships with venture capital and corporate venture firms.
  • Rebuild your offerings based on constructive criticisms from one on one meetings with mentors and teachers.
  • Evaluate different regional legal and tax considerations for the incorporation of companies.
  • Participants of the program gain access to MediaTech Ventures’ community platform, industry experts as mentors & teachers, and the ability to maximize opportunities in the U.S. and Global markets by developing a key understanding and implementation of:
  • Competitive solution positioning.
  • Venture capital and Corporate venture firm relationships.
  • U.S. Business standard communication, presentation, and distribution tactics.
  • Regional-based export cost structure into the U.S.
  • Incorporation evaluation based on regional legal and tax variations.
  • Value-base Product Analysis.


ITA and MediaTech Ventures offer support and guidance throughout the program to aid you in refining your pitch, making vital connections, and transitioning your business into the American market through our partner network.

Is this right for you?

Startups wanting to make the next move into the American Market from Italy. You can be anywhere in your funding journey. If you are considering growing your startup internationally, our program might be right for you! Are you:

  1. Interested in expanding into the United States?
  2. Currently operational in your country of origin?
  3. Tech or tech-enabled? We define tech or tech-enabled businesses as any business that leverages and can scale media through technology. We are media industry-specific, and accept companies working in advertising & marketing, film, video, VR/AR, PR & news media, publishing, video games, sound, music, podcasts, and radio.
  4. A for-profit company?

If this sounds like you, apply now to join the next Italian program.

2021 Alumni

Watch Alumni Pitch LIVE

Watch Alumni Pitch LIVE

Join us virtually on November 16th at 11 AM – 1 PM CST to explore and connect with the brilliant innovators, and ambassadors of Italy!

Paul O’Brien will moderate a lively conversation on Venture Capital with a focus on opportunities within the Italian investment capital community.

Innovative startups from all over Italy showcase how they are evolving the media industry. Meet the Innovators of Italy!

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