Houston Media & Technology in Innovation with Ion

Houston is a city that has a wealth of local media in every language and on every platform; so rich in culture and diversity is this city, that we’re excited to celebrate more innovation in media as we grow with Houston.

Today, Ion, located in Ion District, the namesake building is the transformative centerpiece of Houston’s
innovation corridor, announced its partnership with us to launch a new incubator program.

The program is designed to develop early-stage and growth-driven media technology startups in Houston through
education and mentorship with MediaTech Ventures’ startup curriculum and platform. To apply
or learn more, visit: https://mediatech.ventures/houston-incubator/

“Modern media has to continually evolve and adapt to new market channels, and with each platform comes the opportunity for innovation to leverage what is possible. It’s why Houston continues to build its market and resources for media technology entrepreneurs and startups looking to make an impact in this constantly evolving space. We’re thrilled to partner with MediaTech Ventures to further bolster the startups that are an integral part of our innovation community.”

– Jan E. Odegard, Executive Director of the Ion.

Ion is the perfect home for our incubator program. Our goal is to not only tap into the Ion’s valuable innovation ecosystem both within its four walls and beyond it, but to catalyze the development of media technologies and offer more resources for entrepreneurs looking to advance modern media.

Throughout the 12-week program, selected participants will progress through the fundamentals of building and scaling a business through three district themes: marketing, development, and production. The program sessions are divided as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4: Participants will learn how to test product or service viability, understand market competitive intelligence, and create a Go-To-Market plan.
  • Weeks 5-8: Develop a business model, understand the variations of public, corporate, and private capital, and create a 12-month roadmap that dives into technology, resource, and media needs.
  • Weeks 9-12: Participants will learn about how to pitch, fundraise, and establish the company in the media technology market.

To support our work, I want to make sure you’re familiar with much of the media that covers Houston’s startup ecosystem and celebrates the economy, entrepreneurs, and innovations. There are news outlets in Houston that cater to every community, and there are also many niche publications that serve specific audiences. The Houston media landscape is competitive, ensuring a variety of voices and perspectives represented in the local media.

Owned by Hearst Communications and headquartered in downtown Houston, Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, with reporters such as Dwight Silverman and Lydia DePillis covering technology and the business community. As of April 2016, it had a Sunday circulation of 1.7 million copies, making it the third-largest newspaper by Sunday circulation in the United States.

One of the largest black-owned newspapers in the city, the Houston Forward Times was founded in 1926 by John Henry Johnson, and it has been in continuous operation since. The Forward Times publishes news and features about the African American community in Houston, and it also has a strong commitment to civil rights and social justice. The paper is distributed throughout the city of Houston, and it has a circulation of over 30,000.

Online, look to The Houston Press and InnovationMap. Located in the Midtown area of the city, The Houston Press was founded in 1989 as a weekly print newspaper. In November 2017, it transitioned to an online-only publication. InnovationMap is the new voice of innovation in Houston, brought to you by Gow Media and the team behind CultureMap. InnovationMap shines a spotlight on innovation in Houston within startups, tech, health, energy, and social impact.

Houston Startup Podcasts

Houston Innovators

From wildcatting to putting a man on the moon, Houston has a history of innovation, and the Bayou City is booming with tech startups and ambitious entrepreneurs. As Houston’s innovation ecosystem comes into its own, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the people leading the charge.

Greater Houston Partnership 

The Greater Houston Partnership offers a series of podcasts geared toward topics including small business insight and strategy as well as the latest data and analysis on the Houston economy. 

The H Podcast

A podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston. Hosted by local transplant, Luke Brawner.

Houston Startup Blogs

Startup Grind

Startup Grind is the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators.

Impact Hub Houston

Impact Hub Houston is a non-profit organization that catalyzes impact by empowering people who are working to better their communities — especially those serving vulnerable and marginalized communities and striving for a more just and sustainable world.

Social Groups

Houston Greater Partnership

The Partnership is a place for community-minded business leaders who want to be involved in Houston’s positive growth and influence the direction in which Houston is going. Through the dedicated efforts of our members, the Partnership addresses Houston’s unique challenges, and champions the growth and success of our region.

Houston Young Professionals

Houston Young Professionals is the leading source where young professionals living in Houston can find events and networking

Houston Millennials

They are a Nationally Awarded Organization that promotes Millennial advancement into power in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Houston Startups

The group for the Houston startup community. 


Local Podcasts

1. KTRH News

KTRH News Houston, Texas, US

NewsRadio 740 KTRH is Houston’s Local and National News, Weather and Traffic station. This channel is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with our top news stories throughout the day.

2. Houston’s Morning News w/ Shara & Jim

Houston’s Morning News w/ Shara & Jim Houston, Texas, US

NewsRadio 740 KTRH is an AM News/Talk radio station owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.. Houston’s Morning News broadcasts with 50,000 watts 24-hours a day, serves the Houston metropolitan area , and streams worldwide. KTRH debuted in April, 1922 and is the South Texas Primary entry point station for the Emergency Alert System. Be sure to listen to Houston’s Morning News from 5-8a.m. for the latest news weather and traffic information.

3. NextUp Houston

NextUp Houston Houston, Texas, US

They ran against each other for Houston’s City Council in 2019 Attorney Jason Rowe and Dr. Christel Bastida. Now together, they face off over the issues facing Houston. They share some of the groups and individuals helping in Houston, and how you can get involved. And in a world recovering from quarantines and lockdowns, they highlight the best of events happening in and around Houston.

Major TV / Radio

KXYZ 1320: Houston’s Black Information Network

Call sign: KXYZ

Frequency: 1320 AM

Available 24/7, BIN 1320 is Houston’s leading Black News station dedicated to providing an objective, accurate, and trusted source of everything relating to the African American community. 

KILT 610: SportsRadio

Call sign: KILT

Frequency: 610 AM

If you’re an avid Texans, Astros, or Rockets fan, Sportsradio 610, SportsRadio 610 needs to be one of your favorites. It’s Houston’s best source for insider access and exclusive content for all your favorite sports teams. 

KUHF 88.7: Houston’s public radio station

Call sign: KUHF

Frequency: 88.7 FM

For anyone who loves public radio, News 88.7 should be your #1 preset. It’s Houston’s commercial-free news station that covers art, culture, and news for the Greater Houston area. Flick on 88.7 for BBC World Service updates, NPR’s Morning Edition, The Daily, and TED Radio Hour featuring talks from the world’s most remarkable minds. 


Apply to Houston’s Startup Incubator

Applications are currently open here to tech-based or tech-enabled startups and will close on January 10. Fifteen startups will be selected to partake in the program, which is slated to kick-off January 2023. Selected participants will meet once a week for 12 weeks in 3-hour long classes.

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