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New Market Entry

New Market Entry

Discover the American Market

MediaTech Ventures’ New Market Entry program bridges the gap between startup ecosystems and positions your startup to successfully expand into the US market.

Interested in hosting a program in your country?  Reach out here.

Who We Help

You can be anywhere in your funding journey. If you are interested in growing your startup internationally into the United States, our program might be right for you. Are you: 

  1. Interested in expanding into the United States?
  2. Currently operational in your country of origin? 
  3. Tech or tech-enabled? We define tech or tech-enabled businesses as any business that leverages and can scale media through technology. We are media industry-specific, and accept companies working in advertising & marketing, film, video, VR/AR, PR & news media, publishing, video games, sound, music, podcasts, and radio. 
  4. A for-profit company? 

Who We Help

What success looks like.

Startups graduate with the necessary skills, knowledge, and relationships to be successful in the U.S. and beyond. In our program, you will learn how to: 

  • Identify and prioritize the opportunities that occur in global markets and in the U.S.
  • Position yourself as a viable and competitive solution provider in the U.S.
  • Understand the differences in business culture and practices in the U.S. with special regard to communication, information presentation, and distribution channels.
  • Define your own export cost structure to the U.S., taking into account regional variations and channels.
  • Build relationships with venture capital and corporate venture firms.
  • Rebuild your offerings based on constructive criticisms from one on one meetings with mentors and teachers.
  • Evaluate different regional legal and tax considerations for the incorporation of companies.

Find the right support for U.S. expansion


12 -Week Program

Build relationships with key stakeholders, validate your business model, and learn to market internationally.



Our program directors have wide-ranging experience working with international startups on everything from market research to market entry! Connect with them on our community!

Knowledge – Relationships – Support

We’ve built a community just for you!

Showcase your startup and connect with media professionals around the world. Fill us in on what you’re building and how we can help! Participate in daily discussions, events, and groups alongside Fortune 500 companies, and potential collaborators.

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Current Programs

Are you interested in having this program in your country? If you are an economic development organization, a trade organization, or a private corporation interested in hosting our international program, fill out our form here to chat with a team member about how we collaborate with organizations to support startup growth in your country.

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