MediaTech Ventures and ProColombia Partner to Foster Colombian Startups

Austin, TX: MediaTech Ventures and ProColombia partner to foster Colombian startups looking to learn about, get connected to, and expand into the U.S. market. The 12-week program launched in November 2020 with twenty Colombian startups as the first cohort.

“We’ve done quite a bit with ProColombia over the years to support innovation and entrepreneurship in central Texas and beyond. We’ve always appreciated their mission to help the Colombian startup community connect with the world. Combining our curriculum with their mission was an ideal next step in growing our partnership while providing more value to the communities in which we serve.”

John Zozzaro, President, MediaTech Ventures

Through their partnership, MediaTech Ventures and ProColombia are bridging the gap between the Colombian and American startup ecosystems, with the first MediaTech industry-focused incubator for Colombian startups. The Colombian graduates of the incubator will present virtually on April 8th.

Participants of the program gain access to MediaTech’s community platform, industry experts as mentors & teachers, and the ability to maximize opportunities in the U.S. and Global markets by developing a key understanding and implementation of:

  • Competitive solution positioning.
  • Venture capital and Corporate venture firm relationships.
  • U.S. Business standard communication, presentation, and distribution tactics.
  • Regional-based export cost structure into the U.S.
  • Incorporation evaluation based on regional legal and tax variations.
  • Value-base Product Analysis.

“With a government committed to digital transformation as the driving force behind Colombia’s transformation by 2022, the country is currently one of the main technology-based services providers in the region, and partnerships with MediaTech Ventures will boost even more business opportunities between Colombia IT solution providers and US investors and partners.”

Flavia Santoro, President,  ProColombia

Join them on April 8th, at 10:00 AM CT – 12:30 PM CT, to learn more about the Colombian graduates. Hear from Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos scheduled to open the event, and explore economic development partnerships and opportunities available, with Larry Tabash, Senior Trade Advisor US Office (IT) US Commercial Service in Austin, and more.  For more information, and to register for the event, visit: 

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PROCOLOMBIA is the entity that promotes international tourism, foreign investment, and non-traditional exports in Colombia. Through its national and international network of offices, it offers support and integral consultancy to clients through services or instruments aimed at facilitating the design and execution of its globalization strategy, which seeks to generate, develop and close business opportunities.

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MediaTech Ventures and ProColombia Partner to Foster Colombian Startups

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