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Angel Investors with an interest in Streaming services

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Hello there, I am quite new to this platform. I am looking to make contact with any angel investors that have knowledge of or connections with companies that provide streaming services. (Netflix, Apple etc) for an initial discussion on a new proposition.

many thanks, Baljeet.

Alfredo Garcia Answered question October 17, 2022

Great question Baljeet and welcome.   What we’re building here is rather new as well, so as we work out the kinks in the user experience and possibilities, know that we have some broad reach globally to media investors, founders, and corporate ventures.

Some time ago, we wrote up what you might think of as the primary list of Angel Investors in Media.  Granted, these are specific to Streaming Media, and there are certainly more, but the way to start thinking about how to find potentially interested investors is by starting broader and then digging deeper into the networks and connections associated with people or other ventures with shared interests:

  • Ron Conway; Silicon Valley’s “super angel” known for his early support of media companies such as Facebook, Buzzfeed, and Napster
  • David Rosenblatt; Who probably wrote the book on online advertising following his role as CEO of DoubleClick and then President of Google Display.  He sits on the board of Twitter and IAC, better known for brands such as Vimeo and CollegeHumor
  • Bono; Yep, Bono. He co-founded Elevation Partners in 2004, a venture firm that focuses on media, entertainment and technology companies
  • Nas; Having invested in dozens of startups, it’s not just his work as the second musician on our list that makes him notable but hist investment in text annotation service Genius and DeviantArt that strikes the media chord
  • Justin Bieber; Beliebit.  Beiber is tremendous patron of media ventures with a stake in Tinychat, Stamped, Spotify, and Shots
  • Stanley Kirk Burrell; Also known as MC Hammer, you’ll catch him at Raiders games when he’s not advising media companies such as Pandora and Flipboard
  • Jeff Clavier; Involved in Kongregate (acquired by GameStop) as well as Seesmic, Wildire, and Ustream
  • Brad Svrluga; Who has had his hand in the music and ticketing industries
  • Dave McClure; 500 Startups’ McClure has helped Slideshare, Visually, MoviePigs, Creative Market, and more get off the ground
  • Kevin Colleran; In some familiar media names such as Meerkat, Rockbot, Say Media, LookMark, Media Spike, Pinterest, and SmartThings
  • Naval Ravikant; Whom might be familiar by way of AngelList is in PickaFlick, Sosh, SocialMedia.com, Udemy, Twitter, and 9GAG
  • David Cohen; Of Techstars I wanted to mention as they might be the incubator for media.  David is in Next Big Sound, Circa, EventVue, Graphicly, KiteReaders, LaunchTrack, SlideBean, Post Rocket, and many more
  • We could keep going and perhaps we will in more detail, we’re missing Matt Ocko, Christine Tsai, Matt Mullenweg, Calacanis…

That list needs an update, so we’ll steer some attention here and start working out a more in depth (and recent) list, but at least that might give you a place to start.

I’d also suggest this, post a little bit more detail to what you’re doing, to share that, with the community here.  When we all know better WHAT you’re doing, we can better connect advisors and other possibilities.

You also might consider joining a cohort (here) since you’re just getting started.  Fill this out, even if you decide otherwise; this way, at least the team here will know what you’re working on.

Paul O'Brien Answered question February 14, 2022
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