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Angel Investors with an interest in Streaming services

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Hello there, I am quite new to this platform. I am looking to make contact with any angel investors that have knowledge of or connections with companies that provide streaming services. (Netflix, Apple etc) for an initial discussion on a new proposition.

many thanks, Baljeet.

Alfredo Garcia Answered question October 17, 2022

I am Alfredo Garcia (Partner) with Call Sign Purple Three L.L.C. and Executive Producer for the film “DEFCON 4 Korea Land of The Morning Calm”. The movie is the same title as from the book that writer and author Mark Heathco wrote. The story is how Human Trafficking, Espionage and Assassins are operating on the DMZ in South Korea in 1985.

We are a US Military Veteran ran company, bringing history to life through the art of film making and failure is not an option.

At CALL SIGN PURPLE THREE, our vision is to strive to educate the American people of what the DMZ veterans did in South Korea while doing combat missions inside the DMZ while at the same time saving a piece of military history for a generation to come.? Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork. ?

We are seeking Investor Funding for our movie, or Seed Funding.

Alfredo Garcia Answered question October 17, 2022
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