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Favorite business communication tool?

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What is your favored communication tool for internal business communications? Discord, Slack, Teams, Google Meets/Hangouts, Telegram or Other?

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

I’d also love to know from people, which of those seems to integrate best with everything else (or, as much as possible)? Seems that it’s simply impossible to expect EVERYONE to definitely use the determined means of communication – add SMS and email even, basically, into the mix. Add freelancers, remote work, part time, etc. to the team and now you can’t necessarily even *make* everyone use what is decided.

Begging the question, is it possible for an organization to tie some things together so that people can use what they prefer, while it’s all interoperable?


I haven’t used a whole lot professionally, but I use Discord all the time socially. I’d say its a great “social organizer”  or as a tool to use when planning things with multiple people, especially travel plans and such. It’s also the go to for a lot of companies as their community outreach hub.  Other than that Slack seems ok… I don’t see what all the major buzz is about and seems to be maybe a little too “flexible” or something for its own good. That being said I see integration options for slack in pretty much every productivity app/tool I see now a days.  Then again everything seems to be becoming much more modular now and allows for widget installations.

Ben Riseman Answered question
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