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Heading to LA May 3-9. Anyone I should meet?


Hi MTV Community,

Austin based media founder (with LA Media roots), heading to LA May 3-9. I’d love love to connect with anyone in the media, creator, or talent space. We just kicked off our Seed Round and are looking for strategic angels and investors that could add value to MON.

MON is a social app that’s moving the conversation forward on sexual wellness like never before! Our app features everything from expert-led live chats to premium audio content libraries, and an inclusive, built-in community to consume it all within the app! Our mission is to provide a safe and centralized space to discuss all things around sexual health and wellness.

More of a breakdown below:

  • We’re bringing different communities and conversations together like never before to share experiences and learn from each other.
  • We built a community interested in talking and learning about sex-  from experts and regular people.
  • Creators (experts, podcasters, influencers) can build a following, engage with a community through audio chats, and distribute approved audio content to a dedicated audience.
  • We’re a full audio ecosystem – a platform for content distribution, content creation, audio engagement (voice notes), live chats, and community.

Please let me know if you have any questions and look forward to connecting with everyone.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn here.

Mike Carreon Answered question

Hey @ted  @careyransom  


Hi Caleth –

I’m an early-stage founder based in LA and have some friends in narrative podcasts. One’s a head of production, she and I have been talking a lot about this area of the podcasting space. Neither of us are in a financial place to invest ourselves, but would love to meet up while you’re in town and see if I can point you to folks. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and let’s find a time. [email protected]


Mike Carreon Answered question
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