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How can you start a radio station and podcast from your home?

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What equipment and software do you need?   How can one best prep a show, livestream and broadcast, and record for post production of a podcast?

Troy Schlicker Answered question

Are you looking to do a complete radio station? That would seem more challenging.  If you only want to do a show or podcast it really depends on how complicated you want to make it.  I do a podcast that I livestream using StreamYard with a video camera and microphone and then because my guest is remote whatever equipment they want to use.  I use Anchor as the podcast platform which then pushes it out to most major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast and more.

I could definitely make it a higher level production with better and more cameras and I could control more variables by having guests come in studio. You will likely want to have an outside team do post production if you want anything too much changes from the live podcast as the editing can take up a lot of time.

Happy to answer any specifics if I can.

Paul O'Brien Posted new comment

I’ve been seeking more sophisticated solutions than the typical “How do I…?” kind of inquiry. Less, “here’s how you start a podcast” or “here’s what you need to start / produce…” and more so an explanation of what is possible.

Not specifically geared toward radio (broadcast) but rather using that as an example.

How would you build always-on, live, and syndicated shows, with station breaks and commercials, etc. experience but digitally?

Such platforms exists to automate MUSIC experiences but what exists to operate and manage the more am radio talk format?

Live news, a live talk show with calls, then a syndicated show, followed by a pre-recorded show. Commercials throughout, station breaks, show breaks. Pushed to social media live, to a website and app via script, and sure, maybe even syndicated to Satellite or local AM (though that not being the objective).

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