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How do I access funding partners for a tv series in development?


I am seeking a financial partner to shoot a pilot for this TV Series. I have the interest of Adrian Grenier, but i need funding for the pilot. This project is based on two successful and ongoing blogs about being a single dad. There are three books published and a podcast. I’ve got several pilot scripts and a well-fleshed out shot bible. Are you interested in the film/tv business? I need a partner. [email protected]

Here’s the teaser for the show.

The Off Parent – TV Series – Teaser

Mike Carreon Answered question

I’m an LA-based episodic director’s assistant on a couple of Netflix shows, and a represented Tejano writer-director. My last short film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and another I produced was acquired by HBO. I’m also a seasoned marketer and creative consultant for startups.

While it may feel like a step back, I’d recommend entering the script into some competitions on Coverfly or The BlckLst. I had producers reaching out and have the opportunity to pitch my show after a comedy pilot of mine won some accolades and ranked Top 1% on Coverfly. There are a couple reputable contests with submission deadlines fast approaching so I’d hop on that fast.

Also, if Grenier’s interested and available (assuming y’all are both in Austin at the moment), grab a few folks and make a no/low-budget sizzle reel. Or, cut one together using footage from his past work. While I prefer to use short films as an MVP and a way to gain interest, a solid sizzle reel is the next best thing. It gives financiers the confidence that you have the skills to produce a marketable story and that you’re not just talk, which is super common this industry. Plus, from a user experience stand point… folks are way more likely to watch and engage with a ~2min sizzle reel than read a cold email/multi-page pitch.

That said, there are also resources like Roadmap Writers, Stage 32, and others that have pay-to-pitch opportunities. While I’m not the biggest fan of pay-to-pitch opportunities, I personally know of at least 3 folks that have either gained reps or have had their projects optioned off one of these initial conversations.

I might be telling you a bunch of stuff you already know, so, my point is… if you can’t afford the entire show right now think about breaking down your measures of success into more manageable goals that you control vs. being dependent on a partner to get your TV show on air.

Hope that helps! Best of luck, and godspeed!


John McElhenney Posted new comment

So good. Thank you for the encouragement and info. I’ll say on it.

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