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Meltwater or something else?


Hello everyone!

I recently started a new position where we use Meltwater to track our media mentions. I wanted to just get a feel for what is the industry standard for such a thing. I see Meltwater as being top on many lists, but was wondering if anyone has any experience in any other platforms. This would be for media mentions, analytics, not so much social but tracking that will be good as well.

Thanks in advance!


Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

Hello Brian,

I\’ve been in the PR industry for going on almost 30 years now and have used just about every system out there. Meltwater is decent, but has quite a few flaws — for me, the largest flaw is the media database itself (very underwhelming for tech-specific publications), but also the platform\’s ability to scan and find coverage in the trade rags is not great.

Cision is wonderful, especially after they incorporated Trendkite into their system.

I am experimenting with Propel right now to get a better sense of its capabilities, but enjoy it so far: https://www.propelmypr.com/

If your organization has a decent budget, I\’d go with Cision.

Another point I\’ll mention is that you can absolutely negotiate with these companies for a lower contract. With each platform we\’ve used here at PRIME|PR, we\’ve never paid more than 1/2 the stated price, or the price the toss out after a demo.

Hope this helps!


Satish Kumar Changed status to publish

Thank you for the information! I’ll be talking with my team next week and will have a better idea of budget and what not. I noticed Cision was also at the top but very expensive, so I appreciate the advice on that one.

Hey +1 the point that a lot of firms get such platforms at a discount. We’re not looking at Social Listening stacks (though perhaps we should) however we are putting together a ton of platform deal for startups/founders (stay tuned).

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