Startup wants to assetize TV media content differently


Hi Anyone, I am a filmmaker and technologist based in Ghana seeking to introduce some innovation for the creator economy for TV in Africa. This media-tech wants to bring some daring thinking of what we think of production and distribution models. I have posted a blog about my journey before and you can have a read with the link below;

I am seeking to talk to investors or people who can give me introductions. The startup is at idea stage and seeking financing in the instrument of a SAFE or a NOTE. My Twitter handle is this,

Please, can anyone be helpful to me?

Anthony Ocloo Posted new comment February 21, 2022

cc @meganbotha  I’m seeing a lot of inbound interest from throughout Africa ?

Oh Yes Paul. This guy on Twitter has adequate data on that. Kindly follow him,


Nice title: once upon a pre-seed.
Unfortunately, I don´t have any connection within Africa. What you are looking for is a corporate which funds your content? What about Netflix or other TV / streaming services? Or United Nations / WHO: they support health initiatives and projects. Maybe they can help or fund your content creation process. Good luck!

Anthony Ocloo Posted new comment February 21, 2022

Hi Joerg, thanks for your feedback. Yes, I am looking for professional investment. The investment profile may not be suited to some entities like you have suggested such as WHO.
I am open to institutional investors whose investment thesis supports my interest and path. I am also open to angel investors who want to bet on me and Africa as well. I have a pitch deck I can show to interested investors.

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