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Startup wants to assetize TV media content differently


Hi Anyone, I am a filmmaker and technologist based in Ghana seeking to introduce some innovation for the creator economy for TV in Africa. This media-tech wants to bring some daring thinking of what we think of production and distribution models. I have posted a blog about my journey before and you can have a read with the link below;


I am seeking to talk to investors or people who can give me introductions. The startup is at idea stage and seeking financing in the instrument of a SAFE or a NOTE. My Twitter handle is this, https://twitter.com/ocloothinks

Please, can anyone be helpful to me?

Anthony Ocloo Posted new comment

cc @meganbotha  I’m seeing a lot of inbound interest from throughout Africa ?

Oh Yes Paul. This guy on Twitter has adequate data on that. Kindly follow him, https://twitter.com/MaxBayen


Nice title: once upon a pre-seed.
Unfortunately, I don´t have any connection within Africa. What you are looking for is a corporate which funds your content? What about Netflix or other TV / streaming services? Or United Nations / WHO: they support health initiatives and projects. Maybe they can help or fund your content creation process. Good luck!

Anthony Ocloo Posted new comment

Hi Joerg, thanks for your feedback. Yes, I am looking for professional investment. The investment profile may not be suited to some entities like you have suggested such as WHO.
I am open to institutional investors whose investment thesis supports my interest and path. I am also open to angel investors who want to bet on me and Africa as well. I have a pitch deck I can show to interested investors.

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