Profiles, posts, comments, connections, and shares, as well as likes, groups, and event listings and promotions, are all features of the current generation of social networks; whether on a site or via mobile app, social media and networks are fundamentally nearly the same.  What’s to come?

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish February 21, 2022

Most of current social media is either historic or passive. I think the next generation will be geared towards active (or even forward thinking), so less profile, and more proclivity to do something. less post, and more gather. less connect, more community. less share virtually, more share real space and time.

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I believe that social networking is not just about any one kind of platform. If you think about it, the web in itself is a big giant social network 🙂

The majority of websites now has some sort of “social” feature, from content sharing to posts, comments, groups, forums, profiles, etc. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc are basically just websites that focus on some or all of those features.

Decentralization is definitely going to play a major role in the next generation of social networks. Bringing everything/everyone in the web together in the same space, in some cases, (real and non real-time) I believe is what’s going to be the next generation of social network.

I’ve been sitting on this idea of a decentralized platform via a browser extension that would turn the web into a social network and could essentially connect everyone anywhere no matter what website you’re on. Basically turning your browser itself somewhat into a social platform.