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What are the Marketing Agencies or Partners that work with Game Development Studios?

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Please be explicit and help me find the organizations that work distinctly with video game studios.  I realize Marketing is marketing, and all that, and that many marketers probably CAN help games find customers and audiences – that\’s not the question.  I\’m looking for the Marketing Firms that are distinctly known for their work with game developers.

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What kind of marketing? Per title? Brand building? Mobile focused? Core gaming? Influencers? Agnostic SEO?

Hijinx does a lot with Microsoft for Xbox and adjacent.

Vicarious PR (Dead by Daylight)


We the Collective.

Heaven Media (Influencers, and HW brands like Dell’s Alienware brand).

Plan of Attack (Yacht Club / Shovel Knight, big entities like Amazon Games to local-made ganes like Banner Saga 3),

Big Games Machine (made up of gamers, so extra content).

Kool Things (serves AAA publisher/developer companies, and selective services to small indie studios)

Flashman Studios (though they might have moved into boutique publishing and/or distribution).

I’ll see if I can think of more.

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