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What do you think of Facebook’s plan to create and pivot into the metaverse?

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In June, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, “We will effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company,” with news to hire hundreds as the company pivots.

So the Oculus acquisition + Portal + Alexa?  coming to life in a Fortnite / Roblox / AR/VR sort of environment the defines social media.  What do you think??

Some great reads:

Implications are a little mind blowing.  Not just the will it work, or should it, but how much it might change.   Would love your thoughts.

Amelia Warren Answered question

I know this is an older post, but still 6 months out I think the Horizon metaverse as a product is really poised to replace their own social media, and Facebook is in a position to understand the unique challenges that are necessary to mediate community content.  Ethics being one of the central questions to metaverses and privacy concerns, Facebook has been forged by fire in many senses, having a third of the world’s population as users, and as such are uniquely positioned to use their domain experience to remain the dominant player in the metaverse landscape, which is an inevitability at this stage of VR’s development. Not only that, but if they maintain that they are turning over a new ethical leaf with the rebrand, they do have the power, marketshare and hardware-to-user/creator pipeline to actually bring about the coming of age of VR itself.  The interesting thing is that, based on user numbers, if they were a nation state, they would be by far the largest nation state in the world twice over. And now we’re talking about the design of essentially a new world untethered from geography, that will need ethical standards and regulations untethered from geopolitical powers in a way. I think we need to begin to recognize that with the advent of metaverses at large, including others like altspace and rec room among other 2.5D worlds like decentraland, the lack of tethering of geolocation as the sole source of community is going to require conversations that have much lagged behind in the public spectre about what should be done now that all our metaphysical dreams are about to come true. Do we want private entities to be documenting our actual conversations and storing them on their servers for an undisclosed amount of time?  This medium provides great challenges but I think Facebook is actually just seeing what’s already in the cards for humans and technology.  People have been using VR since its advent in 1959… it’s not new. It’s just that it’s financially, technologically, and politically expedient for Facebook to now jump onto the new ship as social media’s sailboats have begun to sink.

Amelia Warren Answered question
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