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What great media innovation are you seeing in Italy today?

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Can anyone give examples of what Italian startups are up to with the latest in media innovation?

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Wonderful question given all we’ve been looking at through StartupGym, the TechShop, Italian Trade Agency, and our own programs with 2112.  Some others that have my curiosity and attention…

  • Growish created a fintech solution helps people raise money through social media, for causes important to them.
  • Else Corp provides virtual and augmented reality solutions for the fashion industry.
  • Tutored is a social media edtech platform for existing university students and recent graduates where companies can then advertise and recruit for open roles.
  • BOOM imagestudio is an on-demand photography service driven by artificial intelligence.
  • Freeda Media spread real women’s stories to inspire positive change; targeting Gen Z and Millennial women, publishing the success stories of those that have helped change the destinies of women everywhere through their work and their projects.
  • Coreview offers a SaaS platform helps manage their Office 365 accounts, improving security, reporting, and monitoring as well as improving operational efficiency.  A media thing?  Yep, anything Microsoft related I consider substantially relevant – see:  Microsoft’s Outlook from 2020; The Media Company of the Future?
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