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What is your favorite startup podcast and why?


Would love perspective considering quality of content, hosts, and production value

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

All-In – David Sacks, David Friedberg, Chamath, and Jason Calcanis. Great content and takes on tech, economics, and politics from 4 of the biggest players, with diverse perspectives that can have real discussion.

Modern Finance – By Kevin Rose, best source for Crypto/NFT news and interviews with all the relevant players

My First Million – Shaan Puri and Sam Paar, to get your juices flowing on ideas and insight on trends. Some great interviews/guests. They dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of business models, operations, practices, etc… than other interviews.

a16z podcast – perspective from the VC on topics/trends

Masters of Scale – equivalent of taking Reid Hoffman’s Stanford class

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