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What’s the MediaTech Ventures Community?


Most Startup Development Organizations (entities that help startups, founders, or cities seeking to serve founders), offer events, mentors, and perhaps even office space, whereas in appreciating that everyone involved in Media Innovation will likely always be so, MediaTech Ventures’ incubators leverage a social network and search engine enabling you to immediately participate in and benefit from the much larger, global community of investors, mentors, other founders, and professionals in media.

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We’ve built a community just for all of us. 

Showcase your startup and connect with media professionals around the world. Fill us in on what you’re building, how we can help, or with questions that others can answer. Participate in daily discussions, events, and groups alongside Fortune 500 companies, and potential collaborators.   At the very least, fill out your profile as you might on LinkedIn or IMDB – make sure everyone else in media innovation knows what you do, how you can help, and why everyone should connect and get to know you.

Frankly, promote yourself.  Throughout our networks and newsletters, we have hundreds of thousands of other people working in media – take advantage of it as we’re here to help you.

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