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Which did more to revolutionize personal music, the iPod or the Sony Walkman?

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Curious about the impact of mobility of music vs. digital and streaming

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

hmm good question, my gut is to say Ipod but I think that’s only because I associate it so closely with the Iphone which I don’t think is fair or is really even relevant, In all honesty I would say sony’s MD player though it never caught on here unfortunately. I mean would their be an Ipod without the walkman? I assume so portability isn’t that unique a concept.  I mean really.. yeah I have to say Ipod only because really, the question boils down to which format is more flexible and I would have to say once the ipods had internet capability its kind of game over. Although.. you could record anything you wanted to off the radio with tapes… but then again.. napster…   yeah ipod

Ben Riseman Answered question
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