The Future Of Location-Based Entertainment


Applications close April 29th for the #NextStageChallenge. This 2-week #virtual #hackathon will focus on reshaping live experience in the digital space. Two winning projects will go through a 2-month acceleration program supported by Wallifornia MusicTechTheLynkMusic Innovation HubMusic NorwaySTHLM Music CityTechnoport SASacem, and Teosto.


Turnt In Texas

Dive deep with creative badass Tamara Deike, into the eerie silence that swallowed the “live music capital of the world,” and how creative professionals can move forward.

Future Of Location-Based Entertainment

Join industry giants Ted CohenMatt ColemanSean Ahearn, and Brent Bushnell on Digital Media Wire, as they discuss the current state and future of VR/AR/MR.

The third installment of the Veteran’s Lounge is up!
Check out “Veteran’s In Entertainment,” and the incredible work from Dream State Entertainment & Platinum TDM.

Investor Connect –
Where You’re Raising Capital Matters

You’ve gotta know the math, you gotta know the numbers.

“And that’s correct, but it’s also not necessarily what other regions in the world are familiar with and looking for. And so, the mistake that’s made is often, as a startup matures, they are still fixated on the advice and the experience that they had where they are, and they don’t appreciate that when you get into that next stage – that Series A and Series-B stage – frankly, you have to start talking to other markets to raise capital, just because you need access to other investors. As you start talking to those other markets, you’ve got to appreciate that they may have completely different experiences and expectations with regard to what happens at that next stage.” – Paul O’Brien, CEO MediaTech Ventures.  Read the entire article here.


Bose Frames-AR Audio Sunglasses

The concept of fashionable sunglasses that would also entertain you has been around for a few years, with varying degrees of success, delivering mostly unsatisfactory results. With the acceleration of interest in the ‘Wearables’ vertical, it was inevitable that a mainstream audio company would introduce their ready-for-the-masses product line. Last Summer, Bose Audio, the legendary speaker company, introduced Bose Frames, priced at $199 and available in two styles, Alto – an homage to RayBan Wayfarers and Rondo – a Hugo Boss look. I got to try out the Rondos, they are sharp looking and well-constructed.

So, they look great, but how do they sound? As you would expect from Bose, the overall audio quality is excellent, the music is clear and very transparent, with a few caveats:

  • The volume is decent in a quiet environment, but easily drowned out by the sounds of the city.
  • While this makes them a safer choice for bike riding than in-ear headphones, it can be frustrating when nearby construction noise overwhelms your enjoyment of RATM’s “Killing In The Name”.
  • The bass response is adequate but underwhelming.There is no volume control on the glasses, they are dependent on the app feeding them. Changing the volume can therefore be problematic if you are on a bike or skating.
  • When you max the volume out, there is a certain amount of ‘audio bleed’ – people will then be very aware that you’re really not listening to them, but zoning out on Zedd!

Some other shortcomings of this first-generation release::

  • 3.5 hours of battery life on a full charge, which takes 2 hours to complete
  • All navigation is controlled by a single tiny button on the right temple near the hinge. While I applaud the simplicity, it’s sometimes distracting to remember “did I tap it 3 times or 4 times?” while trying to navigate to ‘Dazed and Confused’.
  • The sunglasses aren’t polarized lenses, that’s a $30.00 upsell. At $200.00, it should be included in the base offering.
  • They aren’t waterproof, just ‘mist resistant’. I’m not sure how continuous gym seat would affect their longevity, but time will tell.

All that said, they are pretty cool. The sound is great, the frames are stylish & you don’t get the Google Glass dirty looks!  Bose offers some AR (Augmented Reality) apps to experience their 360 degree soundscape capabilities. They have also released a few firmware updates that have added more functionality such as head gesture controls and enhanced soundscapes. The product keeps getting better!

Should you buy them now or wait for the next generation? I usually suggest not getting the first version, but in this case, I recommend getting a pair of Bose AR Frames. They are not a ‘beta’ product, you won’t feel dumb for being an early adopter.

Here is my ultimate scenario for these glasses:

  • Buy a pair, Alto or Rondo
  • Take them to an optician and replace the sunglass lenses with either prescription or non-prescription clear lenses.
  • Wear them during your next Zoom meeting.
  • No one will know that you’re actually ‘zoning out’ to Richie Hawtin!

Collective Is Going Virtual

**Calling all media innovators!** Now more than ever, we need to help solve global digital transformation challenges. Collective is now accepting applications for its third cohort. Collective is the only virtual incubator focused solely on MediaTech. If you or someone you know is building tech in (VR, AR, Music, Film, Podcasting, News, Video Games, Sound, Radio, Advertising, or PR) apply here!

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