Colombia Takes the Lead In Global Media Impact

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Global media is taking off! 93% of our inaugural Colombian graduates plan to expand into the United States demonstrating there is no shortage of innovative talent coming from Colombia.

But wait, that’s not all!

Back by popular demand, we launched the second New Market Entry Colombian cohort this fall! Continuing our partnership with ProColombia, we are strengthening relations with the Colombian tech ecosystem and bridging the gap between our two countries. 

“We’ve done quite a bit with ProColombia over the years to support innovation and entrepreneurship in central Texas and beyond. We’ve always appreciated their mission to help the Colombian startup community connect with the world. Combining our curriculum with their mission was an ideal next step in growing our partnership while providing more value to the communities in which we serve.”

John Zozzaro, President, MediaTech Ventures

12 Weeks to a New Market

MediaTech Ventures’ New Market Entry program brings hand-selected tech startups into the American market that are ready for their next phase of growth. 

Each of the startups will take part in the 12-week go-to-market program. Mentors, teachers, and industry veterans work with and educate startups on topics ranging from market development, fundraising, legal, and the diverse resources available to them to enhance their business model internationally.

Through the success of the inaugural cohort, we’ve strengthened the opportunities for startups to expand. Reaching beyond the program we foster alumni development, igniting conversations within our private community between mentors, students, and investors. 

ProColombia program representatives Camilo Osuna and Alejandro Londono have paved the way for a Colombian support system. 

“ProColombia efforts are geared towards providing our companies with the resources to expand internationally. ProColombia has made sure that we are able to offer support for every Colombian entrepreneur, and there are endless possibilities for success within the New Market Entry Program and MediaTech Ventures. Together we have a vision of creating a global nexus of startups known for solving real-world media problems and offering smart solutions.”

ProColombia Representative

Accepted Applicants: 

PulzarStudios 3D Animation
Room4 Media
Wulf Games
Simple Agri
CSpace Creative Studio
Neurona Tecnología Financiera
Grupo BIT
Territorio Digital SAS
I-Optia SAS
MVM Software

Building relationships between countries is of utmost importance to unify media globally. Through our strong partnership with ProColombia and program supporters Dell, McCarter & English, and Imaginnovate we are developing global knowledge about the US startup ecosystem.  

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Colombia Takes the Lead In Global Media Impact

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