MediaTech Ventures Strengthens Its Team with Music + Tech Mogul Ted Cohen

We announced today that we’re honored to have Ted Cohen formally joining our work, as Head of Corporate Development.

At MediaTech Ventures, Ted will be tasked with finding unique revenue opportunities, partnering with the world’s leading media brands, driving innovation, and collaborating globally to support the creative class.  He takes up his new position immediately.

Paul O’Brien, CEO of MediaTech Ventures, noted: “We are thrilled to have Ted on board.  In tackling the opportunity for investors, both private and corporate, in media innovation, there is no one more suited to the future of our industry than Ted Cohen.  Ted has captained the evolution of media technology throughout the expansion of the Internet.  We have a shared vision for how that will impact brands, entrepreneurs, and artists alike, as we continue to foster the transition from traditional media to an omni-channel, tech enabled, creative class. Through Ted’s leadership, we look to accelerate the work we’ve been doing to mitigate corporate innovation risks, accelerate capital investment, and enable opportunity (and capital) for entrepreneurs and artists alike.” 

About Ted Cohen

During his uniquely diverse career, Ted Cohen has managed bands & promoted concerts, produced CD-ROM’s & music videos, worked for companies ranging from Warner Bros. Records & EMI Music to Philips Media & Westwood One Radio Networks.  He has worked with artists ranging from The Sex Pistols & Van Halen to The Who & Fleetwood Mac, advised companies ranging from Universal Studios & Gibson Guitar to Napster, & Microsoft. His passion for merging music with technology first took root in 1982, when he joined an innovative cross-division work group formed between Warner Music Group and its sister company, Atari. This ‘think tank’ prophetically identified the inevitable synergy & impact of personal computers & digital technology on music consumers.  Ted has continually fused music & technology, through his instrumental role in crafting the licensing agreements upon which the iTunes Music Store and Rhapsody subscription services were built, along with negotiating initial licensing agreements with companies such as Microsoft, RealNetworks, Yahoo and Starbucks, among many others. Ted believes music & technology were meant to not only coexist, but thrive through collaboration.

Ted has more than three decades of experience crafting the ever-evolving partnerships between the old school music & entertainment industries and all things digital, but his passion started with, and continues to be, music.  His previous role was Managing Partner of TAG Strategic, which served as “a combination Swiss Army knife and pocket field guide to the digital and mobile industries.”

Ted Cohen commented: “Having spent the past eighteen months collaborating with Paul O’Brien, John Zozzaro and the impressive ‘brain trust’ at MediaTech Ventures, it quickly became apparent that my relationship with them had to evolve in order to maximize results for clients and partners. A formal role with MediaTech Ventures became inevitable, the timing is now optimum for this transition. I’m thrilled to join the team and I welcome the opportunities and challenges ahead.”

MediaTech Ventures Strengthens Its Team with Music + Tech Mogul Ted Cohen

by John Zozzaro time to read: 2 min